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  1. Those parting lines on the fenders won’t worry me in the slightest. The real car has creases there - just gotta sand them down to where you’re happy. Pretty quick and easy fix (and they’ve gotta have the mould separate SOMEWHERE, right?).
  2. Oh yeah!! Cool!! Good thing I don’t live in Florida - didn’t even see that gator there 🐊🤪😂 Excited to see some color on this one! 😍
  3. Ahhh, that figures! I seemed to remember these having some kind of cat or gopher or stuffed bear or something too that wasn't in mine either. That would explain it!
  4. Found a little batch of old Testors clear enamel - I’ll be sad when I’ve used the last of this stuff that I can find... I normally get a couple of regular size bodies out of each of these jars though, so I’m good for probably 15-20 builds depending on what I build in the next couple of years...
  5. I really like those bucket seats! Funny thing - I just picked up this kit and had casually looked it over, then saw this build thread and thought "Ohhhh, those seats are COOL!" Looked in my kit...it doesn't have them 🙄😂. Guess they weren't in every reissue.. Anyhoo, kit's looking great! Enjoying watching this one come together!
  6. That's a pity - I'd be a regular purchaser of the Tamiya paints if they carried them too...nowhere local stocks them and they don't tend to be economical to purchase online compared to off-the-shelf prices...
  7. My local store finally caught up to the clearance deal everyone else is running on the paint - shelves were pretty much stripped clean of all the really useful stuff, but still managed to bring a bunch of “that’ll be useful someday” colors home with me...
  8. Might work well for carpets or interior pieces that need a subtle 'grain' or texture to the look of them
  9. I’m gearing up to start working on an MPC Rat Trap Chevy Vega modified here, and whilst I’ve worked on and raced some of the lower classes round the short ovals I’ve never really messed with the cooler (and older) stuff... Here’s what I’m working on: I spent a couple of afternoons doing some research but I never really found much in the way of detailed pics of this exactly style of car - lots of stuff way older or way newer but not much in between. Lots of old race photos and trackside stuff but less really useful references for exactly what I’m trying to build. Anyone go
  10. Got some clear laid down - had a relatively low-humidity day today so got 4 coats on my trike build: And I’ve really been wanting to build an oval car so I pulled an MPC Rat Trap off the rack and started puzting with that: As usual, I was thinking “meh, I’ll build it stock and see how it goes” and then mocked it up and found 10 things I want to replace right off the bat 🤪
  11. Thanks fellas! These kits are fun! Finished up the bulk of the work on the painting today - I’d been saving up a few day’s worth of photos to make for a decent update... Once the silver was laid down, along with a barrier coat, I designed some masks: Cut and applied them... And then shot a gunmetal silver: Followed by some solid black for some subtle little low-lights: Then, peeled off the masks and had something roughly like this: Now, my intention for this paint-job isn’t really for all this stuff to stand out as much as
  12. I really like how those arches look on there! WAY cool!
  13. I don’t know exactly what is happening here...but I like it! 😂
  14. I have a great addition to make to this thread... ...but I’m gonna wait until 2024 to make it 🤪
  15. Way cool! I never saw one of those before!
  16. I wasn’t looking to have my local hobby store special order it for $34.99 when Amazon had it for $12 delivered. I WILL spend probably $50 with him today on Tamiya and Testors paints though, thus restoring my karmic balance somewhat 🤪
  17. Good thing I just got new glue sticks for my glue gun! 🤪😂
  18. This is looking GREAT! I’d definitely be interested in purchasing a copy of one of these if you were ever to consider forming any extras! Great work!
  19. Received mine today. Firstly the box was crushed: Secondly the car on the box is blue: And the car inside it is mint green: Now I have to buy paint, and none of the pieces are attached to each other. Overall, 2/10, lousy kit, wouldn’t buy again 👎🏻 (😂🤪😂🤪😂🤪😂🤪)
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