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  1. Another great trade with gardnerpag44. I would trade with him any time. Well packed, great communication and very helpful. Thanks Paul!
  2. Thanks to you to 68shortfleet, the Air Skooled kit is already on my work desk. Great trade! Hope you got what you needed and more. 68shortfleet is an excellent person to trade with, great communication, everything was well packed, showed up on time. And His an awesome guy. Hope to do more trade with him.
  3. I'm with Bill and Bob. My life not easy right now. I work every day to pay my way. Charge to cover. If they can't afford it,,,life is tough.
  4. Great trade with Zarana-X, Well packed and showed up early. Thanks for all the Air Skooled fun! very awesome! Jonathan
  5. Just a quick model cause I've had trouble sleeping for awhile now. So that others could sleep even if I cant, I opened up wade a minut. With two in the box I needed a alt to race starter. I'll do the race starter Wade a minut when I'm thinking clearly. without a plan I started in on him, sanding, gluing, filling holes, even found a spot out of the pouring rain to get him primed. While standing in the rain at 0300, my neighbors got up and started packing their truck and boat. As they left, they stopped at their front door and grabbed two cases of Rolling Rock. One guy looked at me standing
  6. Thanks Bob. Lots of sanding and a ton of filler. And a heck of a lot of fun.
  7. Just a wee bit of flooding in California's Eel river delta. Pic from the CDF spotter plane. the river should be only on the right between the 2 brown berms. The rest of that pic should be the Victorian town of Ferndale. And here is the Ferndale elementary school bus failing to ford Dillion road. Wet and muddy, with lots more to come.
  8. I'm sorry about all the loss you have had over the last two months. It's never easy to lose people we care for. However if you remember them and talk to others about them, they are never truly gone.
  9. I too think is one of the ugliest Ferrari ever made. I robbed it of the engine and the engine mounts. threw the rest back in the box. If you find you need an extra piece let me know. Jonathan
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