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  1. Hello Everyone First of all if I am out of line here Moderators please let me know. We have a new LHS open here in St Thomas Ontario by the name of Railway City Hobbies. Although the store will be mostly catering to the Model Railroad crowd the owner has already started srocking some model kits and a few supplies. I spoke to him a few times and he is interested in knowing what the plastic model builders of all kinds would like to see stocked. His contact info is as follows Jeff Grove Railway City Hobbies, 9 Hiawatha St, St Thomas, On, N5P 2V7 www.railwaycityhobbies.com I don't know how many
  2. From what I have seen this is an excellent build. However going through the thread most of the pictures are missing. Is this a problem with the forum or something with my computer. I really love looking at builds like this. It gives me something to compare my work to. The few pictures I have seen and the video are awesome! Nice work. Mike
  3. Hello everyone. I am new here. I am just getting back into modeling after many years. I am on my 4th build and think I am improving. Like many people here I made quiite a few models when I was in my pre teens. Now that I am much older I was looking for a hobby to fill some time and this is it. I do think that the models I made when I was 12 came out way more awesome an ddetailes than my current work. ( thats how I remember it any way!!!) I have been following a few builders yahoo channels and hope to get out of this forum the same motivatrion, inspiration, and learning. Mike Deramaix
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