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  1. I have two samples of Ushi wood grain decal in my decal box that I picked up from the vendor at the last IPMS regionals. Superfine #1003 which is a blonde wood/mottled panel and Dark Planking #1011 which is mahogany looking deck planking that scales to 6" wide boards. Nice, (expensive) but i'm not sure I want to use these on the wood ribs, maybe not in the small flat panels either. Maybe I should start a separate thread on success/failures with painting wood grain. I'm combing through Model Car and Scale Auto mags for wood grain painting tips.
  2. I like gassers, but I like woodies too. Thanks for the encouragement. I've ditched all the Thames speed equipment and drive train. I'm looking over 4 banger parts ...the Revel '31 Ford woody has a very nice 4 banger which I'm trial fitting here. The steelie wheels are from the Monogram '50 Ford pick up, which also contributed the rear axle/differential. Trying to keep it 1949/50 era Ford parts. Found a bench seat in the junk box that will fit.
  3. Thanks Joe. I think I got the basic wood pattern correct.
  4. Profile sketch for Plastruct strips. So what do you all suggest for the wood.... - painting the wood grain - pirated decal wood grain for various kits - thin veneer from aftermarket sources of cigar liners - Uschi product ?
  5. Patrick (in the UK) ..if you haven't seen a Thames in wood on your side of the pond, then perhaps you are correct, maybe they never made one. Although, I thought I recalled seeing a full size woody Thames project in restoration in a magazine....but don't know if it was for real - or a project someone dreamed up. My searches online haven't turned up much, so I think I'll just wing it, and have some fun fun fun. Since they like surfing in Australia...maybe this will be a concept for a surf buggy "down under", as they say.
  6. I have the MPC kit...haven't tackled it yet. (of course the kit came out after having put together parts/kits to scratchbuild one). Thanks for posting. Looks great.
  7. I guess it will only be carrying short boards.....LOL.
  8. I started this project after wondering what a Revell Thames panel would look like with wood siding. Need to figure out what period engine to drop in. Model A 4 banger fits...not sure if it is accurate.
  9. Love the vintage lakesters, and really like seeing old glue bombs salvaged .....nice work.
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