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  1. Thank you very much. For the wheels I used Spaz Stix mirror chrome. If you paint it with their black lacquer (or really any gloss black) it looks amazing. I use alclad as well but not on these.
  2. I think there are all sorts of possibilities with this kit. I'm gonna try to go a little more on a few things with the next one. The Martini is my favorite livery on about anything out there. They make photoetch stuff plus there's a lot of tanks and reservoirs etc to be scratch built as well. I cut the back off the body but it comes with the nose already separate but I didn't post a pic which I should've, I wish there were more group B kits out there. Thanks for the compliments too.
  3. Wow I'm so glad you guys like it. I've got a couple more of these kits and wish there were more group B kits for sale. Love these and thanks again for the encouragement!!!
  4. I know this is not a modeling issue but how do I delete posts on this site? I can't find a prompt anywhere to delete my posts.
  5. Wow! Absolutely stunning result. Models like these make me want to my best on every single detail of my builds. Thanks for setting the bar so high. Lol.
  6. It's about done. Few details left to clean up but all together I'm semi content with the final product. Want to do another one with a full detail set though.
  7. Super cool cars and I've always loved the quirkiness of them. You've done an outstanding job with this one. You should be very proud.
  8. that would be great. You sure you don't want me to pay you for them? I'd be glad to. How can I get you my address without posting it on here?
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