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  1. So a couple of days of airbrushing and hand-painting the smaller parts and a couple of sub-assemblies and I'm ready to do 'gluing together'.




    Next session (whenever that may be) and I should get almost all of the rolling chassis together.

    Stay tuned, folks.



  2. So the second holiday project has hit the bench:



    Tamiya's 'Toms' Supra GT, definitely not going to be finished in the kit-supplied Castrol colours:




    Tamiya's TS-8 'Italian Red'  with AK Xtreme Metals' Polished Aluminium' and some hand painted matt black (first coat only in these photos). The insides are all AK Xtreme Metals' 'Dark Aluminium' but obviously only just started, the cage is glued together but not to the chassis in these pics.




    Bodyshell is TS-94 'Metallic Grey'. Two light coats and nowhere near shiny enough, so I'll brush on a coat of Klear/Future before decalling, then another afterward. Going to keep the final 'look' a surprise as long as I can, but hopefully y'all will get a kick from it. Not too many 'What If' cars around so nice to do something that little bit outta 'left field', eh ?


    More soon.


  3. 6 hours ago, skid896 said:

    Wow, where did the inspiration come from for the GTR paint job?  Love the BMW Batmobile, which kit is it?


    Inspiration ?, nowhere other than my own twisted imagination, that, and I was determined to soften the angular lines of the (real) car with a 'curvy' paint job. TBH it could have gone a number of different ways, I just went with the easiest to mask/spray in the end !!.  The 'Batmobile' is a late 1980's Airfix re-box of a motorised Arii kit I think, not the best fitting nor most accurate kit you'll ever build but scrubs-up-nice with the Studio 27 decals.



  4. Thanks guys, glad y'all like what I did last year. Remember I also build aircraft and AFV's and there's just as many of them to show... if you're interested scroll to the bottom of page 1 on this thread over at my other 'home' on Modelers Alliance:  http://www.modelersalliance.com/forum/modelers-lounge/153528-year-end-review-2017

    Really in to my car builds just now, got two more queuing-up with more to come, and if anyone here has an unopened old Monogram Lotus Esprit they want to sell... PLEASE let me know !!








  5. Thanks everyone, really appreciate the comments. Have to say that other than the self made issue with the dust the first time it was painted, this (14 year old) kit went together fairly easily, the only minor struggle is assembling the rear suspension in the correct order. The kit supplied SA 'etch' is a joy and it sits so 'right' without any modification at all.

    Next will be something very different, please stay tuned.





  6. 0YvW2XM.jpg

    Started on the 23rd, one of two quick'n easy 'Holiday Builds', simply because I can !








    Hasegawa's still excellent Miura, built as it comes from the box with no additions. WiP pics here:


    Bodyshell is good old Humbrol enamels mixed by eye, interior is also my own mixes using Tamiya acrylics. Please feel free to make any comments, criticism or ask any any questions - yes I've fixed the (French) license plate since I took the photos. Stay tuned friends and all the very best for 2018.


  7. Progress folks....



    This mornings' start point - Three light coats of enamel 'baby blue', mixed by eye and sealed-in under a brushed coat of Johnsons Klear/Future as we can't get 2K clear here in NZ.



    ...and this evening it looks like this:



    AK Xtreme Metal 'Polished Aluminium' for the lower panel done, and the final assembly of the bodyshell has just started. Won't get much done tomorrow (Sunday) because of work, but that's fine as everything will settle & dry. Have to admit I'm VERY worried about attaching the built-up chassis into the bodyshell, I foresee a lot of swearing and temper tantrums !.



    Last view of the rolling chassis before most of it disappears never to be seen again:






    Happy 2018 folks from the Land of the Long White Cloud, see y'all in the New Year.


  8. Thanks, matey. Already been through the WiP, Scott... managed to get the kit on eBay last night. Bought it from the 'old Country' and including postage, still cheaper than I can get the kit over the counter here !!




  9. Yeah I know it's been just over a year since this was posted, but I only just found it, so...

    Love the lines of this car, and the Fiji Blue really suits it. Going to try find this kit for sale here in NZ, but may take some time - Scott, I'll be using your WiP as a guide, hope you don't mind.



  10. Thanks for the great response folks.... Tom, I still have mine too !!


    Sort of a 'non update':  Mixed-up a pale blue using good old Humbrol enamels and sprayed a couple of thin coats, then left it aside for a couple of days to dry/cure in the summer sunshine in an old plastic lunch box. Checked on it yesterday morning and the amount of dust, even though it was covered that had got on to the finish in the very short time that it wasn't covered was simply unbelievable.




    Not just unbelievable but unacceptable, so I've stripped it back to the plastic and will start again.

    * * *






    On the positive side, the interior is done and I'm very happy with it - again my own mix of colours, but Tamiya acrylics this time. The chassis and block details are about 70% done and again look fine. REALLY pleased with the wheels. I stripped the chrome plating, undercoated them with Rustoleum dark grey primer then shot them with AK Xtreme Metals 'Polished Aluminium' followed by a very light wash with Tamiya enamel panel-line wash. They look great, IMHO.








    More Soon.






  11. So  you've seen that my BIG car project for the New Year is a Revell C5-R, but alongside that I'm doing two quick & fun builds over the holidays just because I can !!. First one is the still excellent Hasegawa Lamborghini Miura.... to mis-quote Jeremy Clarkson: 

    "...possibly the most beautiful looking car... in the world"



    Straight-off I sanded & polished the seam lines away, then hit it with two coats of Tamiya fine white primer to calm-down that shouty red plastic in comes in.




    Hopefully at the end of the project it will look a LOT like this beauty:




    Stay tuned:




  12. Thanks guys, appreciate the support. Don't think all the wiring and plumbing will happen - not by a long way, TBH - but enough to make it look busy and believable. 


    Best for Christmas & New Year everyone. See you in 2018.


  13. The kit:



    * * *



    First thing to do, trace the mold lines with a marker and sand & polish them out:






    ]* * *



    Next, for my own reference, highlight the lift-off nose section, because I'm planning to build this one all opened-up and plumbed/wired to the best of my ability.







    * * *


    Ughhh, ugly cut:



    * * * 



    All separated now, the red 'scars' are where the knife & saw blades slipped and gouged the surface. After the photos, I filled them with Squadron fine (grey) filler and sanded them back with various grades of wet'n dry.




    * * *



    This is my 'serious' project to take me through the holidays and well in to the New Year. Stay tuned it could be fun, or it could be a complete dogs dinner, we'll find-out together.




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