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  1. Thanks guys, much appreciated. This has gone to the back of the queue at the moment whilst I focus on the 911 GT1 build. Won't be allowed to forget it, it's daughters 11th birthday tomorrow so she's getting quite impatient !



  2. Somewhat unexpectedly, managed to grab some bench time this afternoon and made some progress.

    So just the direct drive shafts & axles from the gearbox to finish painting and attaching and that is it for the whole powerplant & transmission sub-assemblies done, and I can move on to the front radiator & steering 'bits'. I also mixed-up and sprayed some 'olive black' on the interior sections, chassis plate & firewall etc, so it's all good to go.


    More next week hopefully. 






    block done 1a.jpg

    block done 1b.jpg

    block done 2a.jpg

    block done 2b.jpg

    block done 3.jpg

    block done 4.jpg

  3. Very nice looking,love the color. Did the kit have window mask or is the black trim a result of very care brushwork?

    Cut my own masks & sprayed at very low pressure.




    I dont know how you guys can finish one in a week. :D Im happy with one month. :D

    Erm... I only finished it this week, David, I've been working on-and-off on this one for about two years !! - I get distracted very easily by bright and shiny things.  :D



  5. Saw this on eBay a couple of weeks ago. A business seller back in the UK who I know personally was offering it at a ridiculously cheap price because the box was worn. Even with the postage out here to Middle Earth it was a steal, so after decision making process that could be measured in nano-seconds, I snapped his hand off.

    It arrived on Tuesday and I started it on Wednesday afternoon. Two sessions in and I'm well into the engine, transmission and mounting sub-assembly. Lots of pre-painting with AK 'Xtreme Metals' (outstanding enamel lacquers, highly recommended) - absolutely loving this already, incredible engineering by Tamiya. Stay tuned folks this is simply flying together at the moment.



    block start a.jpg

    block start b.jpg

    block start c.jpg

    block start d.jpg

    block start e.jpg


  6. Not the Tamiya 'uber kit', this is the RoG version of the magnificent LaFerrari. Back-story, my 10 year old daughter was in the man-cave with me a few weeks back looking through the stash...

    "Hey dad, would you build a model just for me ?"...

    "Yeah of course..." I was thinking a wee Airfix 1:72 or something similar. 

    "Great, can I have this one ?"  

    And she's pulled-out my Fujimi 246 Dino 'enthusiast' series kit. So after some rapid negotiation, she changed to the La Ferrari. She's decided on an electric blue colour which she'd mixed herself from my Tamiya acrylics and it looks incredible. It's going to be a slow-ish build project but so far the only problem it's thrown at me is the exhaust openings in the lower body which need a lot of filing and thinning back to accommodate the pipes and the chassis/diffuser tray.

    If anybody here has built one of these, I''d be grateful any heads-up you can give for the rest of the build. Thanks for taking the time to look and/or comment.











  7. Second completion this week was this out of the box build of Revell's fourth gen' Firebird. Paint is Tamiya Metallic Orange straight from the rattle-can, looks to my eye like a perfect shoe-in for GM's 'Sunset Orange'. Not too much else to say except I didn't realise until I saw these photo's that the Turtle Wax was still hiding in some of the recesses... it's fixed now and I've also run a black wash in to the door joints which looks much better.

    All comments, questions and criticism welcomed as usual.




    done a.jpg

    done b.jpg

    done c.jpg

    done d.jpg

    done e.jpg

  8. Hey folks...

    Finished two more early this week. First is this rare Airfix kerb-side from 1992. TBH not a great kit, fits where it touches, rides waaaayy too high and generally short of any meaningful detail. That said I only know of one other kit of the stunning 3.5CSL so...

    Paint is Tamiya TS20  'Metallic Green' over Panzer Grey, decals are by Studio 27 and were fantastic. Three coats of Tamiya Clear followed by a good, long session with the Turtle Wax and it's still not a deep enough shine. Ahhh well it looks great in the cabinet alongside my NASCAR builds. Thanks for taking the time to look and/or comment.


    done 1.jpg

    done 2.jpg

    done 3.jpg

    done 4.jpg

    done with box.jpg

  9. Hey folks, back with another non-NASCAR vehicle project:
    This time the excellent Revell ’65 Stepside. No chrome, low-profiles or carbon ceramic discs on this one, just good old sheet steel and skinny cross-plies and brakes the size of milk-bottle tops.

    Built straight from the box and painted in Tamiya acrylics (my own mix), great relaxing build with no vices apart from the bonnet/hood that doesn’t match the contours of the main body – apparently a common problem with this ‘family’ of molds, but I guess most folks here know that already - I didin't !. No matter I thoroughly enjoyed it. As ever please feel free to ask any questions or make any comments or criticisms.

    More soon, stay tuned.


    done a.jpg

    done b.jpg

    done c.jpg

    done d.jpg

    done e.jpg

    done e1.jpg

    done f.jpg

    done g.jpg

    done h.jpg

    done i.jpg

    done j.jpg

  10. Ian, do you really think you needed to polish it? The red looks pretty good as is. What kind of paint are you using?

    Thanks Mark, 

    The Orange is Tamiya straight from the rattle-can and dried with such a high gloss it was/is perfect, but the white dried to a satin finish,  the (mixed) yellow dried on the matt side of satin aswell, so I'll need to clear & polish to get the whole' car to the same level of 'sheen'.

    Over the last couple of sessions I've added the car-specific decals from the WW sheet so tomorrow I'll put all the contingencies on as well as the tire markings. Then I'll leave it alone until early next week to dry-off thoroughly before spraying the clear coats. Thanks folks for taking the time to look and/or comment.




  11. Alongside the Chevy on the bench just now:













    No polishing just yet. That'll happen over the next couple of sessions then I'll leave it all to cure for a week before masking and airbrushing the yellow dividing stripe. Thanks for taking the time to look and/or comment. More later this week or more likely beginning of next week.





  12. Decals are happening, folks...





    So far so good, with no tearing or rips. Need to touch-up on the 'B' pillar and where the red folds over the top of the 'door'. Just wondering why the last Slixx sheet I used behaved so disasterously and this one is behaving so well ? - talk about inconsistency !!. Ahh well on with the project... I'll let these dry overnight then tomorrow shoot a varnish coat to seal them all in before more decalling later in the week.



  13. So I had a thought this morning, given how prone to tearing Slixx decals are, I decided to mitigate the (anticipated) problem by spraying the air-dam and roof blue - so if the decals do tear, at-least there's a shiny blue underneath to make patching a little easier.





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