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  1. Good morning folks from the Land of the Long White Cloud...

    So after a l-o-n-g break from car builds in general and NASCAR builds in particular I've dragged the 2003 Monte Carlo back to the bench; Not just that, but I found a 2000/03 Taurus body and rolling chassis that I'd completely forgotten about !!




    To be fair, it's all Disney/Pixar's fault, went to see Cars 3 a couple of weeks ago with the kids, absolutely loved it, great movie, and of course, my nine-year-old has pulled-out all his old Disney Cars die-casts AND done a school project on Richard & Kyle Petty so absolutely no surprise that I'd re-discover my enthusiasm for NASCAR models !! - Oh yeah, and next April, we're going to Florida for our hols and staying in an apartment on DAYTONA BEACH !!

    Stay tuned more soon, real life permitting.



  2. First time I've seen this kit built-up, other than the hood it looks nice to me!  Q: did you lower the ride hight, or is that the way this kit came?  I like it!, usually kits have to be lowered to get the right look. I like this build, keep up the good work!!

    No didn't lower the suspension - think that would be just 'wrong' on a Ferrari - The floor pan etc simply snuggled-in quite deep to the body shell, also explains how the hood was pushed-up to where it is now :unsure:



  3. After a l-o-n-g gestation period, finally finished the Esci Ferrari. Definitely not my best work but whilst 50% of that is down to my lack of skills, the other 50% is down to the poor quality of the kit itself. That said, if you want an 'affordable' 1:24 'Berlinetta' on your shelf as much as I did, then this is pretty much the only way to go unless you are lucky enough to stumble upon an Italeri or Gunze kit.

    Ok, enough yada, yada, yada on to the pics:












    Thanks for taking the time to look, criticise and/or comment. Not sure what my next car build will be, but the Revell 458 Italia is looking very, very tempting, but then so is the AMT/Ertl '67 Comet !!




  4. Call this a 'non-update'

    I mentioned that I need to respray the bumpers in 'proper' polished aluminium, well it turns-out that the AK 'Extreme Metals' paints that I now use are less than half the price in UK than they are here, so I'll load-up on them when I'm home in a couple of weeks, then finish the Ferrari when I get back here to NZ.



  5. Day seven thru eleven:

    Most of the last few days have been taken-up with polishing and buffing the body, final assembly and painting the 'shiny bits' - unfortunately somewhere in the past I'd dulled down my only bottle of Alclad 'Polished Aluminium' and of course I'd forgotten until after I started spraying so I'll have to go buy another bottle (not easy here in New Zealand) and start again !!. Also BMF'd the sills which hasn't gone at all well, partly because I was having an 'off day' and partly because the sills are so poorly defined on the kit.






    I'll not give-up, I'm so close to finishing but having to go-out and buy a new bottle of Alclad just to finish the bumpers and headlights is a real PitA, ahhhh well, good job it's only a hobby, eh ?



  6. Day Five & Six:

    Four coats of Tamiyas 'Italian Red' with two coats of Tamiya clear varnish sitting on top to keep it safe and give it depth. 








    Next I'll leave it to cure, not just dry, at least a week, then start with the 6/8/12k Micro Mesh cloths followed by some auto polish. Thanks for taking the time to look and/or comment. More late next week.


  7. Day Two.

    Luvvin' the feedback chaps, keep it coming !! - So y'all are enjoying this and that's great. Right here's some self-explanatory progress pics:








    At this stage the block is a WiP. Because I want to build this one exactly as it comes from the box for a competition further down the line, there's be no wiring and plumbing this time. Tamiya Flat Aluminium for the trans and AK's 'Xtreme Metal' aluminium for the bock - I'm a recent convert to this product and trust me it's bl**dy superb !!

    I couldn't face wrestling with the interior this afternoon so masked-up the interior (Tamiya 'Deck Tan') and broke-out the Tamiya 'Italian Red' rattle can. Warmed it in a bowl of boiled water then shot two coats and left it in the spring sunshine for 30 mins.





    So next I'll force myself to finish the interior and then start on the suspension such as it is. Have a great weekend everyone, see you on Monday.



  8. Ian,nice appreciation to Detail,,,,I hve,gathered a few iterations,of this kit,.i must say that it looks like you know how to deal w the  different problems that are inherent,in the building up of this one. They look soo beautiful  when they are handled by an experienced  builder.

    Thanks Shaun (et al) it isn't the easiest of kits but it will be worth the effort. Interesting isn't it that the Esci kit does come-up from time-to-time on eBay but the superior Italeri one almost never... Similarly with their 'Racing' 365 Daytona - I'd sell one of my legs for one of those !!.

    Today was a relatively dull day at the bench, hence no pics. Got the chassis/pan & engine bay sub-assembly sprayed my own mix of 'iron black'. Fuel cell sprayed dark aluminium, sump guard is now flat aluminium as is the transmission. The headlining and inside of the c pillars was sprayed Tamiya 'Deck Tan'. Also matt blacked the instrument shroud, rocker covers and some other wee bits'n pieces.

    Tomorrow I'll spray the block, diff etc. Hope to make a start on the interior aswell. Going for classic black like these:






    Thanks for looking-in.





  9. Day One continued...
    Rubbed down the offending seams and polished the plastic with successive grades of Micro-Mesh cloths.




    Once I was happy the seams were completely gone, I shot a second primer coat and waited for four hours for it to be dry enough to work on. I then polished the primer coat with 4k - 8k Micro-Mesh cloths. As this is written the car body is as smooth as glass with no flaws at all in the paintwork. A good couple of sessions today and very pleased with the result.





    If it all goes well, hopefully it will look a little like this one when I'm done.



    Please feel free to make any comments or ask any questions. More tomorrow


  10. Day one:


    The usual box & contents shot - The Esci plastic dates back to the mid 1980's and is quite soft, massive mould seams running along the top of the wings, then along the roof gutters down the middle of the C-pillar across the top of the rear wings and through the middle of the tail-light bezels. What a PitA 


    But not as much a pain as the integrally moulded bonnet that you need to cut from the body and that frankly awful thick lip on the bonnet scoop - that will be thinned right down. 

    I built-up the engine & trans which sensibly goes together exactly the same way as a Revell or MPC car kit. Interior is multi-part as is the engine bay. I also assaulted the poor wee thing with a coat of Tamiya grey primer straight from the rattle-can ready for some serious seam-removal.



    More in a min...



  11. Hey everyone, not been around for a while - been mainly building things with wings recently - Just now got a couple of Ferrari's in the early planning stages but could do with replacing the yellow fender decals in each kit:

    Does anyone know if there's a sheet of these available from any manufacturer, my 'Googling' has turned-up absolutely nothing !!. Any help or guidance you can give me is very welcome. Thanks in advance.



    Fender badge.jpg

  12. Yes I know I'm VERY late to this particular party, but I've 'googling' builds of this kit as I've found one for sale here in 'Middle Earth' and I'm trying to decide between this and the 'Revellution Demon'...


    Really like the whole 'feel' of this build and the paintwork is simply superb. This build has almost made-up my mind for me !!




  13. Thanks all very much appreciated, glad I took the advice from folks here about the 'clear'. So pleased with the paint finish on this one. Next will be a re-do of Jeremy Mayfields' '98 Taurus then another 'Bird - The Revell '98 Ram-Air in Sunset Orange, and then the Monogram 70 Boss 302.

    Stay tuned.


  14. Started just three weeks ago, and here it is 'Under Glass' - Not bragging at all, in the 'workbench' section I did call this a "Clear the bench" build. Part of the reason for the speed of this project is my enthusiasm for the project - I really like Firebirds, the other reason is the quality of the kit, in my opinion Revell produced such a superb quality product it's actually quite difficult for an average modeller like me to scr*w-it-up. 

    Learning points, well I asked here and on another couple of sites about varnishing over an already very smooth & glossy finish, I took the advice from most folks and applied those extra clear coats and it worked-out... so learning point #1, be brave and with the correct tools and a little luck the finish you want, you can achieve !!   Learning point #2, I need to re-learn my BMF 'skills' next time around :wacko:.

    Thanks for taking the time to look and/or comment, and as ever all comments, criticism and questions welcome.



    finished 1.jpg

    finished 8.jpg

    finished 2.jpg

    finished 3.jpg

    finished 4.jpg

    finished 5.jpg

    finished 6.jpg

    finished 7.jpg

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