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  1. Thought I'd already posted this latest build, but obviously I hadn't.

    Finished about three weeks ago, this is the Monograms revised Grand Prix from the 'Dirt Devil' boxing. The decals are from the superb Powerslide sheet, but the lower 'Harvest Yellow' is my own mix of Tamiya acrylics. The black is also Tamiya straight from the rattle-can then polished back with Micro-Mesh cloths. I sealed everything in with good ol' Humbrol 'Clear Cote' (sic), which was also polished back.

    Been building aircraft for the past few weeks, I'll get back to more NASCAR modelling in a few weeks, there's the '03 Chevy to finish and a re-do of a '98 Taurus in the queue, so please stay tuned.

    Thanks for taking the time to look and/or comment.






    and across the  line.JPG

  2. Monogram 'Dirt Devil' kit built straight from the box with the superb Powerslide decals. The 'Harvest Yellow' was mixed by eye with Tamiya acrylics and several light coats sprayed with my Iwata at low pressure, the black is (again) Tamiya acrylic but blasted straight from the rattle-can.

    Working still on the Wright Brothers Chevy, but also started stripping and re-working a '98 Taurus aswell, not sure which you'll see finished first out of those two. Thanks for taking the time to look and/or comment.



    and across the  line.JPG





  3. Thanks gentlemen. It's 'Fathers Day' here in New Zealand tomorrow, but it came 24hrs early for me because at 1030, Frau and the 'little darlings' went in to town to the pool and didn't come home until 1500, AND there were no chores to do AND it was a warm spring day... perfect !!

    Sprayed two coats of Tamiya 'Silver Leaf' straight from the rattle-can, which covered really well, but has dried satin. Not to worry a couple of coats of Klear/Future will sort that out.

    Thanks for taking the time to look, more after a word from your local stations...




    silver 2.JPG

    silver 1.JPG

  4. Nice Pontiacs John. I have the Hardees/Jarrett car & decals in the stash, but I was going to use a lighter 'navy' blue with the bright orange interior to match the sponsor logos.




    OK, starting-up this my newest NASCAR project - The inside is two coats of Xtracolour enamel 'ADC Grey' - my colour of choice for NASCAR interiors.

    This kit is much simplified in the construction and very 'soft' in detail - a legacy of the 'snap-fix' pre painted kits that Revell promoted in the early 2000's. Have a look at the insides here - almost complete with just five pieces which (virtaully) snapped together, the 1993 Pontiac that I'm wrestling with at the moment, the cage on that build is complete and took ten individual pieces which are all warped and most too short in length.

    I like simplified builds, means I can get to the 'fun' part sooner.

    Speaking of which - Acrylic white primer from Halfords - the biggest car accessory chain in the UK, and a fantastic source of good quality and cheap aerosol paint... I do miss that over here. Two coats and the outside is done. I was going to use their 'Volkswagen Silver Grey' as the main colour, but on checking the tin, there may not be enough, no worries, I have an assortment of Tamiya acrylics in the stash to call upon.

    Thanks for taking the time to look and/or comment. More when the 'real world' allows.




    Primed & can.JPG

  6. That is looking great ........... beautiful work B)

    Completely agree, with John on the work here, also like you, I moved my only Buddy Baker car close to the top of the 'to do next' pile in the last week or so.

    Looking forward to seeing this one progress.



  7. Thanks John. That seems to be the only one around... Any ideas which races it ran in ??, I may be able to track-it-down on You Tube.



  8. Very nice, John, love that 'K-Sentials' scheme.

    I just bought a 'Slab Side' donor kit from Mike, came with his Ken Schraeder/Skoals sheet for any of the four metallic finish cars he drove in '99. Hey if you (or anyone here) has a photo or even a screen-grab of the gold painted car, I'd be really grateful.


  9. Love that Family Channel/Musgrave car, I know the decals are available, but even after treating them, I'm pretty certain they wouldn't behave too well after all these years.

    Great collection, thanks for posting.


  10. Kit - Monogram 1:24
    Paint - Body: Tamiya aerosol acrylic. Chassis & internals: Tamiya acrylics, Humbrol & Tamiya enamels.
    Decals - Slixx
    Extras - A couple of litres of Micro-Sol and lots of foul language.
    The decals over the nose fractured and tore even as I was taking them out of the water, so there's a LOT of effort gone in to making it to the checkered flag with this project. It will pass inspection at more than 1m (US = 1 yard), but less than that and it will scream 'decal fail' very loudly.
    As ever all comments, criticism and questions welcome. Thanks for taking the time to look.
  11. Could always put collision damage there if you don't like it.

    A few folks have suggested that, Daniel, but my skills aren't really up to a level where I could do that idea any justice. It's a real pain the a*se, (especially as I got such a good colour laid down), but everybody knows there's a risk with old Slixx sheets.

    More progress, hopefully, this time tomorrow.


  12. Well I've been working it since the last post and here's how far I've got:






    No you're quite right, it isn't going to win any sort of accolade in any model competition, but in the cabinet and at more than 1m (US = 1 yard) distance it will look OK, just - I took these pics after shooting yet another coat of good ol' Humbrol enamel 'Clear Cote' (their spelling). I've continued simply doing a few at a time and leaving it alone, got the race numbers, and a few more sponsor 'stickers' on this morning, so will take a break until Monday before going again.


    And how's a little 'product placement' to finish this update !!


    '... We'll be right back after a word from our sponsors'


  13. I am but cannot get it here in New Zealand, and cannot buy-it-in without all sorts of permissions and licenses. Just hope that the decals on the 'flat' surfaces behave better. Most of the damage on the front valance will be covered by the grill & headlight decals, the sides will be covered by the contingencies. I may get-out of decal h*ll if I'm very, very lucky.


  14. Hello again from New Zealand.
    Well this afternoon, I finished work early and when I got home the sun was out, so I grabbed 90mins at the bench and managed to finish the rolling chassis. I couldn't resist dropping the bodyshell on top to check the 'stance' (most kits sit too high off the ground)... Next will be 'decal time' - lots of wee M&M characters to get into place.





    As I mentioned, I wanted to check the stance. Personally I'm quite happy with it, but would be happy to hear what you guys think - Let me know please.





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