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  1. Just read all of this thread. I can only echo what the rest of the guys have said, this is fantastic work, and I've already learned so much. Looking forward to seeing this through to the end.


  2. Those last three pics show the bodyshell sitting on the rolling chassis of the Kellogg's Chevy that I posted here last week, I'm sure I don't need to tell anyone here that Monogram NASCAR kit chassis/blocks/suspension are all generic and therefore identical. So moving-on-to the 'actual' chassis for this build:




    The cage & chassis were sprayed the same (ADC Grey) in an earlier session, so I've tried to make it a little more individual by allowing m'self a wee bit of 'artistic license' in painting the details, I'm sure it wouldn't pass muster on a competition table, but I'm happy with how it looks at the moment.




    Similarly with the block. There may be photos of the actual block flying around the interweb, but I've tried to keep mine fairly generic with just a couple of 'flourishes' to differentiate it from others in the cabinet. So next I'll drop the motor in to place - always a nervous session, then the dash/wheel and the lower suspension/steering rack. With some luck and a following wind I may get it up on it's wheels by next weekend.

    Thanks folks for taking the time to look and/or comment. Please feel free to ask any questions, make a comment or any constructive criticism.



  3. Hello from New Zealand on the first weekend of winter:

    I've been working on and off on this for about eight weeks, just at the moment, bench-time is limited because of the demands of real-world,and I'm guessing that I'm not the only one who's written something similar on this forum, right ??

    So just a couple of self-explanatory shots for now, to show you where I'm up to right now.



    Insides were sprayed ADC Grey (a USAF colour), using Xtracolour enamel, then masked and primed with Tamiya acrylic grey straight from the rattle-can. After rubbing back with fine grain wet'n dry, I mixed a tiny drop of Tamiya acrylic orange into their lemon yellow and shot three medium coats. I followed this about a week later with another rub back then applied two heavy coats of Humbrol Gloss-Cote (their spelling):




    More in a minute, don't touch that dial.


  4. Thanks all, appreciate the welcome, (John, I recognise your builds from Randy's place of course).

    I do have another build ongoing on the bench, but for the next three weeks demands upon my time are going to be really high - New Zealand is hosting the FIFA U20 Football World Cup, and I've got leave from the 'day job' to help with running the match's that are being played in our town. Just got in now from a 14hr day and it's only going to get busier !!

    I'll post a WiP thread soon enough.



  5. Hello folks...

    ...Coming to you from a bright but cold New Zealand (it's Autumn here), This is my second post here at Model Cars Mag, the first is, not surprisingly in the 'Intro' thread !!

    Since moving out here to 'Middle Zealand' just over three years ago, I've done more NASCAR and Muscle car projects than in all of my previous forty-odd years in the hobby, simple reason for that... Not got too much space to display models nowadays and 1:48 & 1:32 aircraft need the space of three or four car builds.

    So, no more yada, yada, yada from me: In no particular order some of my more recent builds:


    Derricke Cope 1990 Lumina from the Monogram kit but with painted checks, the kit decals were just far too opaque.- My first finish after we emigrated.


    Ricky Rudd's 1988 Buick with Fred Cady decals - a straight replacement for the Monogram kit ones that were irrepairably damaged by damp when the kit was 'stored' some years back.


    Little known Dale Jarrett 'Busch Series' '94 Lumina, think the decals are WetWorks but I could be wrong. Again using a Monogram kit, but I prefer the AMT Lumina's.


    How great was this scheme ?? - Harry's '87 Skoal Chevy. Another built in 2012, this kit, just fell together, no problems at all. The decals are well over twenty years old, had them in storage all that time and they worked perfectly... possibly WetWorks again but I cannot honestly remember.


    Bill's '96 Thunderbird, started in 2012 and finished around six weeks ago... there's a story behind the delay, but I won't bore y'all with it now. AMT kit and decals with Tamiya acrylic paint.

    and finally for now...


    Terry's '97 Chevy, straight from the (Monogram) box. First of these '95-'98 era Monte Carlo's that I've built and (again) really enjoyed it. One of those 'no problem' builds. This time the paint (for the bodyshell) is Tamiya aerosol straight from the rattle-can. First time I've used it... Won't be the last !!

    So that's it from me for now. Please feel free to ask any questions, make comments or offer criticism. Thanks for taking the time to look.



  6. Hello folks,

    Not really a 'newbie' - in my early 50's and living for three years here in 'Middle Zealand', formerly from the Peoples Democratic Republic of Merseyside (that's Liverpool in the UK).

    I've been a modeller since I was seven years old, mainly aircraft in 1:48 & 1:72, but been a HUGE NASCAR fan since the late 1980's when we first got snippets and the odd 'highlights' shows on Satellite (remember that) in Britain.

    By way of introduction this is my latest 'finish':


    ...so late in-fact, that it was only completed three days ago !!

    Looking forward to getting to know folks here, I'm sure as I navigate my way around, I'll see a few names that I know form other sites. So thassit from me for now.

    Kia Ora as the locals say.



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