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  1. This one really looks good in the sunlight! Excellent work!
  2. I have taken a picture of a plate from the web and pulled into a work file to get it the right size, printed it on regular white printer paper (highest resolution on printer), then covered each side with clear box tape to protect it, and glue on with white glue.
  3. Looks Awesome Dan!! There is a lot going on here! Excellent work!
  4. Thanks Jeff! I have a little more done. I worked on the hood and got it some better. I tried my wife’s hair dryer and hot water, followed by cold water on both. I get it almost perfect, then after about a half hour it gets back closer to its previous state. It is now a lot better than it was, but still not perfect.
  5. Thanks! My wife has been casually reminding me every year for the past 18 years that she wanted a new bathroom. I figured that I better not let it go to 19. 😀
  6. Thanks Dan. The cab came with a dash, door panels, seat, and floor pan. I’m pretty sure that Charles mastered all of it.
  7. Thanks for all the comments guys!! I was able to start back on this one after finishing a bathroom remodeling job for my wife.😀 The interior is in. For some reason my hood warped after painting it. It doesn’t fit as good as it did before. Getting closer to done though.
  8. A lot of work to put all of this together. Looks Awesome though!
  9. Great looking Peterbilt!! Very nice work!
  10. I’m like you Vince. I never noticed it before but now I can’t unsee it. I did find a few 1:1s. The first 2 are listed as 2012 models. If you Google search Maxxforce 15 Prostar a few come up, even a couple for sale.
  11. Great information! Thanks! I usually build old stuff, have came close to picking one of these up before. I think that I will be pass now.
  12. I had never noticed this until you pointed it out. Was this a matter of making the hood fit an existing kit set up or was there an actual 1:1 design like the kit?
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