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  1. Hey ( FreightTrain ) How are ya. Good to hear from you"over-here" - LOL Sorry you won't see BOB. Very COOOOL guy !!!
  2. I'll probably get yelled at , but there are so many who participate here, that may not know about this . This is on another topic, but I see no response in almost two weeks. So anyway, I guess I'm bad . If your in the KANSAS area, please stop bye to say Hi to my buddie BOB. He took a few things from our SABA club, including a few things of mine. BOB enjoys to schmooz, so give him some love !!!!!!!!!!! - LOL
  3. Hey Bob Finding this thread was pretty cool. My good friend Bob Paeth just left this morning for this show. He's all excited to be there. He took some models from several of us guy's from the SABA club here in Portland that Bob and I belong to . Bob and I are only a few mile apart. I took my models to him yesterday. Hope he doesn't drop the box Anyway, I hope you get a chance to say HI to him. Davd
  4. Tried counciling , but thankfully it didn't work - LOL Been an artist and "Gear Head" all my life. Most of my stuff are curb-sides like this one.
  5. I was looking through some of my favorite kits today that are still unbuilt and going through them and drooling . When I lift the lid there is this over-powering feeling of ecatacy that comes over me, and dream of the day I may actually build it . All of these I bought on evil-bay years ago when the price was justifiably affordable. You bid and win - ahhh the excitement. Then you have to wait! Finally, after the exciting wait, one day the mailman gets out of their truck with a package, and you spring to the front door even before they get there. It's CHRISTMAS !! Yahoo !! This is almost lik
  6. Zeb I will pass your message along to Bob. He'll be glad to know you missed him !
  7. Thanks for asking about Bob . Bob and I are good friends and live just a few miles apart.We have lunch together once in a while, and belong to the same club - SABA. Yes he's recovering from lung cancer surgery, and has had his ups and downs, but seems to be stable now. Just got off the phone with him and is still planning to leave Friday to go to a Kansas show called K C Slammers. He's an invited celebrity. He said he has 45 unread emails but hasn't been up to the task. Hope this helps you out - The Treehugger
  8. Hey Lile ( ) THERE IS NOW - LOL HeeHeeHee
  9. Thanks Abe All it takes is MONEY !!! - LOL
  10. Thanks Milt . Ya saved me - LOL The Treehugger
  11. That's right George. Pray for all you're worth, then build for all you're worth-then wait to see what HE does through you . It's alway's amazing !!!
  12. Hope all you fathers had a great day today. Did you see Woods this week-end! WOW !! TOTALLY AWESOME !!! Thanks everyone for the comments . This was one of those "short-term" fun builds you do to keep your sanity, as a break, while you're doing the intense stuff. Don't do contests much anymore. Maybe a local show once in a while, but already had my "15 Minutes of Glory" , so now I mostly build for the "shelf" , and to share with close buddies. Sharing here is alot of fun too. Great people here.
  13. This is what happen's when the winter crazies set in, and your hands start doing their own thing This is a '65 Chevelle with a '69 Camero roof. I used two donor Camero coupe's for the "Lid". I widened it to match the body width, laid the stock Chevelle windshield back quite a bit, added some glue and Evercoat Rage and "VOILA" - A CHEMERO ! Add a 1967 Chevelle hood with the cool chrome vents (absolutely no modifications), it's a bolt on - LOL, lay down a savvy Tamiya paint job, then some clear and rub, rub . Add some body chrome moldings from a '66 Nova, and Lastly add some dress-up de
  14. VERY VERY NICE . Nothing more beautiful than a flawless black paint job
  15. This is "NOT" what you were thinking of, but it is a BATMOBILE
  16. .Done meds and counciling for years and thank goodness non of it worked - LOL , but it did help a lot of other problems I had. - LOL Oh well. boyz just gotta have fun
  17. Hi Harry This is a pretty "INTENSE" system. Definetly not a kit. It has been used commercially for years in manufacturing. I've used Alclad for years. Even done seminairs at a few shows,including the '07 NNL West for Steve, and club functions, but was never satified, no matter how good it looked. After 2 years of searching I found what I use now and am very satisfied. It took 7 month's to learn this process and I used most of the chemicals. Did I say"CHEMICALS"? TOXIC !! Anyway, no one had ever used this process in an airbrush. I had to re-design the whole system and re-formulate all the
  18. I love these kind of "just for fun builds" . I found this at a LHS and had to build it. Never seen one at a show or on a forum. . These kind of builds are just too cool to pass up. The detail painting took the most time, but really made it "POP" for me. I added flames and chromed the whole engine( I have a water-based chrome system for MY OWN USE - Just like kit chrome only better). Hope to see more of these kind of projects. You should see my STREET ROD BATMOBILE - MAJOR FUN!!
  19. Hey guy's . I've been a "Closet" die-cast person for years . I didn't know it was O.K. to admit it LOL . I like Danbury Mint and Franklin mint, but these we're made for WICK'S FILTERS by THE ERTLE CO.. The rear '55 is what I started with. The one in the foreground I chopped off the roof, ripped out the interior. pulled out the engine, stripped the undercarriage, and stripped the paint. This was a lot of fun !! I made the convertible roof and the boot. I did the interior in leather and painted the car single stage PPG black and 2 stage HOK tangerine over HOK silver flake. Added clear and
  20. YIKES ! I have a whole new gratitude for where I live. Keep me posted on how your doing.
  21. I think we could adjust our attitude about rain here in Oregn. You and abedooley got dumped on. I'll be praying for all you guy's !! WOW !!
  22. HOLY COW!!! It rains a lot in Oregon and we complain alot. but nothing like this since'96 - WOW !!
  23. You need to get that "Bad Boy" '33 back on the bench and finished. Love to see it here . Thanks for remembering the "Old Girl". I was glad to post it for ya. All the best - Dave
  24. In another thread Bluesman mentioned this "old" build of mine. This one's been on the shelf for a long time in a case. This has a phantom 12 cylinder Chrysler Hemi with an 18-71 blower !! - "That thing Got A Hemi?" , and was the preliminary build to the "Hollywood". I only built one chassis for this one. Under this car is a dummy chassis. Frame and engine are scratch-built. There's about 850 pieces in the entire model. The interior and down roof are all leather and there's a Thua Burl hand carved dash and door panel moldings ( I love exotic woods ). This model took less than half the time
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