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  1. A very nice and clean effort as is your trademark. It's a relief for some new manufacturers to arrive on the scene in the form of Model Car Group, KK and others consistent with affording us some product that isn't strictly going to stop the hobby dead for being too pricey. Even so and even if, I'm certain your period club racer collection of carefully thought out and executed builds numbers more than 100. Thanks for sharing... Mike K./Swede70
  2. I don't know what's happening with Jo-Han Javelin kit part prices, but as of late the auction results for such have bordered on the unreal. Unless demand keeps building across the scene, one can hope that enough people will be able to source what they need for their projects consistent with both filling and easing the pressure for spares noticed now. Just keep looking, while other resin casters might consider doing parts along similar lines - or so one might hope! Mike K./Swede70
  3. Greetings, If it helps the cause, the photo you've uploaded is for a '70 model versus a '69. The '69 hood is reproduced in resin, as is the '70 which both can be found online for a bit of searching the usual vendors. The '69 hood is essentially flat but for the pair of fake scoops that stretch most of the distance from front to back atop it. Good luck... Mike K./Swede70
  4. Thanks everyone for the guidance and photos. I'll likely search for some parted out scraps along the lines suggested and proceed from there. Thanks again... Mike K./Swede70
  5. Greetings, I'm trying to work up assemblies for what will be a '71 Penske as well as a '72-season Roy Woods Racing Javelin Trans Am racer very slowly building - a pair then. Not being versed concerning what's been accurately tooled across the range of contemporary road racing as well as NASCAR kits, to say little of what might availed across the cottage/aftermarket scene, I was hoping someone looking on could make suggestions if knowledge exists. Basically the setup is a Weavers Bros. dry sump system with the expected stacked scavenge and pressure pumps, the toothed belt Gilmer dri
  6. Greetings... A favorite would be the BMW E9 platform produced from '68 to '75. This would include the 2800 CS, the 3.0 CS and CSi as well as the 3.0 and 3.3 CSL models. Body by Karmann Coachworks, while the funniest thing I've read concerning their handiwork is that Karmann invented rust - then licensed the process to the Italians! ...ignore the museum identification applied to the end of the front fenders above the beltline trim which looks strange indeed. Chamonix (White) isn't a terrific color for this car, although these were amongst the best images I could find
  7. Greetings... This would be a Jo-Han '70 Penske Javelin front bumper project brought back online for some recent developments. The promo bumper 'features' a prominent cast-in license plate with the word 'JAVELIN' spelled out, whereas the Donohue Trans-Am release is plain, albeit unperforated as the 1:1 stock bumper would otherwise have an opening that would afford a bit of airflow back to the radiator. Additionally, it seems Penske Racing did some modest cutting and reshaping of their own, hence coming up with an accurate opening takes a bit of work. ...the topic at '70 Mid-Ohi
  8. Greetings, Long forgotten, for some material sourcing a bit of attention is paid to this build. I'd wanted to find 1:1 vinyl interior restoration spray paint in the appropriate '69 yellow hue and eventually found what was needed from a first generation Camaro specialist known as Heartbeat City. About $30 a can, but it's definitively the right stuff and covers well. I did this quick on a spare panel simply to determine if I could trust the stuff... Also sourced was license plate artwork done a computer and printed onto paper. It doesn't sound like much, although I really d
  9. Thank you both for the leads and ideas consistent with getting me where I want to be. I'll be doing some further research on the pattern and count per inch to firm up what I'll require, and then proceed to shop for designs that might be reduced and printed on decal paper. Thanks again... Mike K./Swede70
  10. Greeetings, Searching for suppliers and likely leads consistent with doing what's necessary on a 1:12th '69 Camaro Z/28 featuring a yellow interior with yellow and black patterned houndstooth inserts. I finally sourced 1:1 vinyl interior paint from a supplier, but alas haven't yet turned up decals to pull this off. Guidance sought then. Kind thanks... Mike K./Swede70
  11. Thanks... Looking largely consistent, the '72 RWR Javelin is also up on wheels w/cage after filing and fitting the red plastic late dashboard seen further up this thread. Forward one-third then... ...the wheel arch contour is different, while this example wears a '71-'72 grille/front bumper assembly less bumper guards if nothing more. At least it looks pretty honest. Thanks... Mike K./Swede70
  12. Greetings... For bending a lot of material and tossing out copious amounts of the same, a pair of roll cages take form for my '71 Penske as well as my '72 Roy Woods Racing Trans-Am Javelins. In particular, I wished to integrate my scratch built cages with the cut outs patterned into the '70 Jo-Han Trans-Am Javelin dash design for the bars stretching from the main hoop, down behind each A-pillar, and finally to the floor on either side. Using a Jo-Han '70 Donohue Trans-Am Javelin as an alignment buck, the new cages were fabricated, while two redesigned '71-'74 Jo-Han/AMT-boxed annual kit
  13. ...while in short, this would be my '72 Roy Woods Racing Javelin Trans-Am taking shape to the extent that I've removed select trim and have recontoured the wheel arch openings to match period photos. Subtle stuff, not particularly exciting in sum, while sobering it is to notice where kit part prices have gone in recent times. Finding another '71- '74 dashboard (or much of anything Jo-Han Javelin related) isn't work for the timid. Thanks... ...a fuzzy press kit image communicating the basics. ...and looking a bit pallid given the bumpers (across projects really) are being
  14. Thanks for the interest expressed... After much mulling, I finally removed the Racemark seat I'd work up for my late-season '70 Penske Javelin and created a two-piece mold to reproduce it. The thought of working up at least two additional examples from what would have been at least four additional AMT Penske Matador seats plus all the extra effort to flesh out all the required elements in terms of the extended base, the lip elements along most edges and the better integrated headrest struck me as troublesome, hence the old work was refined before making a mold. Other things done i
  15. Neat Quartzo Porsches certainly. From here the decal work looks pretty good, while I'm hoping most of it's intact and settled on each surface. I still suffer nightmares of decal wrangling and decal repair on these when found, memories rooted in some of their E20 BMW 3-Series race releases. Cool discoveries and a fun collection theme there... Mike K./Swede70
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