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  1. Hi all, does anyone know the rarity or value of the Boss Mustang funny car kit ? I picked it up years ago and haven’t seen any around or are unable to find any online. Cheers.
  2. Hi all, just completed my latest build, 68 Camaro strip car, gloss black with Keith Marks nose stripe decals. Ron Olsen twin turbo big block, grafted cowl scoop to the hood, wheels also from Shapeways. Heaps more to mention. Thanks for looking, hope you like it.
  3. Hi all, just finished this one up. Twin Turbo Chevelle Outlaw, finished in burgundy red metallic with yenko stripes. Thanks for looking, hope you like it.
  4. Hi all, just wrapped this one up, probably one of the trucks I’ve spent the most time modifying thus far. 66 Pickup, chopped and rebuilt chassis to achieve the ride height I was after, custom built the front suspension, lifted the x member to raise the engine, scratch built the rear end, tubs and modified the tray to suit. Tamyia gloss black, leather coloured interior, wired injected small block, colour coded 20” Professor VF1 wheels which I added the factory C10 pickup centre caps, Pegasus brakes. Thanks for looking, hope you like it.
  5. Thank you Michael, the engine is from the Nickey Camaro and intake from Shapeways
  6. Hi all, just wrapped this one up. ”66 Nova Pro Touring theme, finished in TS-94 Metallic Grey, injected 427, grafted and shaped louvers into the hood, modified wheel arches to fit 20” colour coded Aoshima Club Linea wheels on lowered suspension, tinted glass. Thanks for looking, hope you like it.
  7. It was made from clear sheeting cut to shape and glued with testors clear cement
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