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  1. Awesome Build, Adam! You did it Proud. Well Done, Sir!
  2. If That is the extent of the expanded decal sheet, they can keep it..... What a huge disappointment. Talk about phoning it in...... Compared to the Superb Decals in the Roadster version of the Scout II, these decals are just sad. Once again, the Round2 Conundrum of the "A Team" and the "other team", rears it's head. This is the "Just Good Enough to get it Done" version of the kit, as presented by the "other team". I get nostalgia. But this is not a kit that needed the Retro Box Treatment, IMHO.
  3. I had a 53\54 Sedan Delivery in the old Red, White & Blue boxing from the 1970's. It was molded in that cream-coloured, almost translucent plastic that Revell used back then. The Door Opening lines were so thin, that I remember holding the body up to the light and seeing bright light, all the way through them. Actual holes! I wish I still had he kit. Oddly enough, I remember being blown away by how detailed the 409 was in that kit, and having a choice between the two engine intake options. That was the first time I had ever seen that in a car kit!
  4. Yeah, I look forward to this kit. There is a certain 'Jaunty Attitude' to these old Monogram kits. Revell may have had better details, but somehow the Monogram kits captured the "Animal Spirit" better in many cases. The embody what the Late Sir Thomas Sopwith (yes 'that' Sopwith, of Camel fame) said about Airplane Design. "If it looks Right, it Flies Right". Monogram kits often captured the essence or 'soul' of a particular subject, better than other companies. Part of their early success, I have no doubt. Even 50/60 years ago there were two kinds of modelers. The AMS Detail Builders
  5. Thanks, Ken. Other than the Filled Blower Scoop, a nifty car. And that Blower Scoop is 5 minutes with an X-acto knife from being open! I can wait to see if Atlantis does more than re-pop the original decal sheet. If not, you can always use the extras from the Revell Slingster or AMT Double Drag kit. Both have huge decal sheets with lots of extras. Added. It will look great next to a Slingster kit.
  6. I meant 8 inches Away from (or too close to) the Diff. I saw the clone at the March Meets several years ago. Sadly I did not get pics.....
  7. Matt, I thought that I had read some critiques online when this kit first dropped, that Revell had managed to find the only Landy on the planet with a roof mount spare? What I thought I read is similar to what you mentioned. The dang Tire/Wheel assy., is just too heavy to put up there. I can just see the fun trying to wrestle it down from there in real life, when you've just had a flat. Somebody has to be doing a resin copy of the ECSI/Italeri hood now to fit on the Revell kit.
  8. And, Truly, with Street Gasser kits so few in number on the shelves right now, Moebius has much of the market to themselves. I can see multiple sales just based on decal variations alone. Also, I'd wager a large sum of money on the fact that the kit will be tooled with optional Wheels, Induction Systems, and possibly other small parts to depict different cars. Not that we'll ever see all the parts in one box, but my guess is the tool itself will be set up to allow 3-4 versions of the kit. This has been Moebius's business plan in the past, and I doubt it has changed. In fact, Multip
  9. Great. I am now glad I sold the kit from my stash...... I'd have never even finished it.
  10. Given how leaky those things are, I don't see them floating for long. So, I'd say "No" on your decal request. The Containers (and kits) are Probably on the Evergiven, anyways. LOL https://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-57746424
  11. I'd take it just the way it is, but I would prefer a stock Matador too.
  12. Look at the Diff in that detail shot, Jon posted! Wow! To have 8" away from Da Jewels! Those old school drivers were braver than I ever was.......
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