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  1. I too think it looks nice, congrats. I noticed that the front tyres ( that’s how we spell it in NZ ) are not mounted to the rims correctly. They need to match the rears with the “ block “ pattern innermost. I’m not trying to criticise, it’s just an observation.
  2. In addition to what Matt said, Roy used to post on britmodeller.com, he no longer does but his builds may still be there.
  3. There is a stencil in the Top Studio super transkit for the mp4/6. I’m not sure if it is available separately. This is the only one I know of, also has the “eagle” lettering too. Wayne
  4. Been silently watching and following your builds, you sir are quite brilliant, a weathered Citroen, dragons on your rod and a wet looking paint job on your VW. Like them all. Keep 'em coming!!
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