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  1. Its no good if people are going to argue and be know it alls and several guys here always are. Since the negativity come first thing its pretty clear what will be the result. Im out of here.Guess why.
  2. Gee, I wonder why they went bankrupt then LOL You negative know it all make me laugh. Bye.
  3. Nothing of interest here anymore. How do I delete my profile permanently?
  4. Well, I guess all of you are experts and accountants that know what sells, how much and production costs. i'm done with this BS. Not much of use here anymore. Proceed with sarcastic replies now.
  5. MAKING A LIST. I know about the pics, I thought they were unusual, just illustrations. Forget it man. I was only asking if anyone was interested in a reference chart / list. Obviously not.
  6. There is much more than you think, check out the roadster parts pack,friction shocks, fruit jar master cylinder, two front axles, various suspensions, pedals, accurate backing plates etc, same for the dragster speed parts pack, There is a wheel pack that is the ONLY scale certain dragster Halibrand wheel ever kitted, the Nancy kits are great, an Ivo chassis, a Fuller, but the PP's have a Dragmaster and a Chassis Research. The Bantam and Fiat bodies are the best made. Cal Custom fiberglass seats. Big and little Roadster tires and wheels! ALL this stuff could be combined ( by Revell )
  7. I don't mean it a criticism at all, just some history....AND I am wrong, I thought that was the Wynns Jammer kit, not the Ramchargers! MY MISTAKE! No reason in the world it couldn't be the real thing. Sorry if I was not clear, I love your model!
  8. Bill, that's just silly. Why are you arguing about this? You have no idea ( nor I ) of how many of any given subjects are built or how many kits sold. And the fact that other cars MAY be bigger sellers is irrelevant. So I guess only dukes Of Hazzard kits should be made from now on, and that model cars isn't a niche industry these days anyway. What really are you going on about? This makes no sense at all. I think it's arguing for the sake of arguing, which I don't get. In any case, I'm done on this subject, any further comments seem pointless. Man! no more.
  9. The parts packs were "poor sellers" because, according to shop owners, they were difficult to display, mostly because of size.The AMT packs bright red )seem to be doing fine and I am talking about complete kits, not the small box packs! I think maybe the reissue packs were over produced, estimated demand WAY too high? Marketing is key to selling anything, good BOX ART has sold millions of kits, arguably more than the subjects themselves. There's no shortage of great pics of "old drag cars". AND, if nobody wants "old drag cars", why the Slingster, The Henry J, Anglias, the various W
  10. SPEECHLESS! GREAT JOB man! A really fine build!
  11. Nice! I was just thinking last night how that Garlits chassis isn't used much for non Swamp Rat configurations. It was sold by Garlits , he was a chassis builder then and it was used by a lot of guys in several classes! I do think you mean 60's though, and not 70's, that chassis is from 64, remember too the BB Chevy really was introduced in 66! I LOVE THE CAR, creative, nice work! BRAVO!
  12. "Mostly only modelers who fall in the old-geezer mold, who have an interest in building historically and technically accurate models of rather obsolete subjects," What's a big market? Hudson Hornet? Edsel? Chrysler 300's? 65 Comets? Who bought all the AMT funny car reissues? Who buys resin? So who is buying all these kits? Teens? I doubt that. The Moebius kits seem to do Ok , not a supercar among them is there? No Hondas or BMW's either. These kits could be successful, nice packaging would help. Instead of double kits, they could be sold individually. I
  13. Of course, no offense meant, but why do guys always say this. I'm well aware that tooling costs money. Moebius seems to be able to spend money on new tooling, they do so by maximizing different versions. A good chunk of tool costs ( if they still exist) is already done. The parts packs have shown up in other kits, ie: Miss Deal. Use stuff like that kit, the 22jrs, the SWC Willys. If each tree is specialized as to what it contains, many, many variations could be done by combining them with other EXISTING products. Why tool a new Caddy motor for example. Revell has used those 10 inch M
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