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  1. looking for roof glass from bad actor,street fighter or quicksilver. if not clear then I need all the glass for the kit
  2. Yes I was lucky and found an old Fred Katy decal sheet for a race car that had all the decals I needed except for the Trans Am between the tail lights
  3. I'm looking for all of those you mentioned plus the small bird on the nose and the stripe on the hood And the roof
  4. Do you know anybody that makes decals for this kit 455 SD
  5. Correction. I should have stated I was looking for decals for the super duty 455 version.
  6. Keith marks offers decals for the firebird but not the Trans Am
  7. Yes that's the one. I don't have a complete kit though unfortunately.
  8. I know there is a guy here who makes decals for these type of cars but I cannot remember his name. Any help appreciated. I have tried stuff for the Trans Am Hood if anyone has one
  9. 1/25 or 1/24 scale front and rear for pickup truck
  10. need a set of dually wheels and tires. It doesn't matter what brand of truck they are for. Have stuff to trade.
  11. I do not know. Do you have a picture of them?
  12. I need the tires rims wheel backs and retainers for the snow plow truck kit. I have lots of stuff to trade. Thanks in advance.
  13. Unfortunately I do not have the reveal Jeep body you are looking for. Anything else that you need?
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