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  1. Anybody know if Dave Carey is still casting the Ford Louisville crew cab? Anybody have one to trade, sell?
  2. Anybody know if Dave Carey is still casting the Ford Louisville crew cab? Anybody have one they want to trade or sell?
  3. Interested in trades or selling?
  4. Is the Folgers #25 Monte Carlo a Tim Richmond car? If so I'd be interested.
  5. Anybody have info about a spread axle flatbed trailer from Moebius? A friend had a picture showing one but got no other info about it.
  6. Glass has been located. Thanks gotnitro?!
  7. Modelcollector


    Looking for clear parts for the AMT Mack R Model. I have an old kit that has no clear parts.
  8. Interested in the sprint car stuff. What do you need for it?

  9. Anything sprint car wise. Chassis, wheels, tires, engines, decals...
  10. Anybody have any Revell/Monogram sprint car parts laying around? Also looking for a decent set of Sammy Swindell Channellock decals for the same.
  11. AMT cab and front frame clip, Revell of Germany 359 rear frame and suspension. AMT van with scratch built spread. Testors Fiery Orange. Aluminum foil sides on trailer.
  12. AMT 40' van trailer. Scratch built spread. AMT tires on Revell of Germany wheels. "California" hookups underneath, "Teflon slick disc" installed. Sides are Reynolds Wrap foil glued with 3M Super 77 spray adhesive rubbed down with Qtips and microfiber cloth. Paint is Testors Fiery Orange One Coat. Tractor is AMT 352 with kitbashed rails from AMT kit and Revell of Germany 359. Comments welcomed.
  13. I work for a dealer. There are no plans for any updates to the 9900. The new models will be available in many different configurations for both severe (dump, mixer, etc) and for OTR type tractors. I have seen several layouts and these are really nice trucks.
  14. How did you do the framework for the curtain side? I'd like to do one soon.
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