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  1. The bases were given to me by my son. They're bases for standing Gundam figures on. If you look up MSG Chain Base, you should be able to find it. When you combine the price plus shipping, they get fairly expensive.
  2. Sorry Chuck! And sorry to anyone who started looking at the side mirrors. I thought they were the tail lights from a 71 Cuda. I was mistaken. I don't actually know what they're from. After I posted that question, I looked up photos and the shape is slightly different. Here's some before and after early photos Before it was narrowed. After. I get asked a lot about the parts that I use. My first answer is Gundam kits. I will usually modify the parts further to fit the car. I also build in sub-assemblies. I like to pin the parts with Styrene tube. Make
  3. Thank you all!!! Thank you Rob. i start with a base coat of rust colored primer. Then two coats of Dullcoat. Third is a few layers of Acrylic latex in the body color. Lightly sand until it wears thru the latex and the rust primer shows thru. I'll go back with Acrylic rust colors and give it random highlights. I use 4-5 different rust colors for the highlights. Dry brush or with a sponge. Here's some more photos. Close ups of some of the small details. I love putting in tiny details. Most of which isn't seen unless you're really looking. My 1st attempt at the fins on the
  4. I enjoy the comments. This is what motivates us all to be creative and show off our work.Thank you all so much! ? Thanks Tom. The first four builds include more scratch built items. It wasn't until the Fleetmaster that I started relying on Gundam kits as my go to source for parts. The Gundam parts are mainly used as filler for the undercarriage and engine bay. The large turbines that stick out the back of most of my vehicles, those are scratch built. I use large 1/2, 7/16 and 3/8 Styrene tube placed one inside the next. Thank you Paul. I'm procrastinating. I haven't used
  5. My son gave me around 6 Gundam kits that were brand new. Plus a few more that had been built. I've used the majority of the usable parts, but still keeping the extras just in case. At my local hobby shop they carry Gundam kits that are under $20. I'm getting to the point where I'm going to have to start buying new kits. I'll be posting more photos soon. I'll try to get a few pictures of the type of parts that I look for when kitbashing. I just posted all my jet cars in one post. In the finished models section. 10 jet cars including this one. I'm trying my first race livery.
  6. I've been wanting to make a post that contained all of my jet cars. Finally got around to it. I want to thank all of you who have been following me through the years. It's been a fun ride! You always have such wonderful comments. I appreciate them all. I have posted all of these in the Work in Process forums as well as the finished model forums over the past four+ years. 37 Chevy Coupe - JetRod - Build 1 This is where it all started. The front turbines were from a 1/44 scale A-10 Warthog. I cut the front fenders off and attached the turbines directly to the front susp
  7. Thank you all. I love the comments. I must apologize! I hope you didn't spend too long looking at those side mirrors. I thought they were from a 71 Cuda....I was wrong. I have no clue where they originally came from. Please forgive me! Here's a few pics with the bed of the truck on. These were earlier photos before the build was complete.
  8. You all really know how to make a guy feel special. Thank you so much for the comments. ? Tom I'm glad you asked about my inspiration. If you go to the link below, you'll see my work in progress of my very first hover car. In that post, I mention my inspiration for that build (check that link as well). A very talented builder indeed. His weathering and kitbashing skills are excellent. I've since found him on Instagram and we follow each other on that platform. I did use Pinterest a lot for my early hover car research. I'm now mostly on Instagram. Andre Tkachenko is a Russian
  9. Same here. This is truly an amazing build. I will be watching. Thanks for posting every little detail.
  10. Slap some turbines on this baby and let it soar! It looks like it was made to fly. Wedge shaped like the cross section of an airplane wing. What are you planning on for the windshield, if not a bubble top? Not to add pressure, but you've got lots of us interested. Don't let this go to the closet.
  11. Thank you both! I couldn't do these without the excessive use of Gundam kits and Styrene. The amount of Gundam parts that I used on the Foose truck was ridiculous. The undercarriage, the front power plant, the front and rear turbines are mostly Gundam. I wish that I could give you the names of each of the kits that I used, but I don't have the original boxes or instructions anymore. Just a bin full of parts. I do know that the front turbines on the Foose truck were from Gundam Virtue. A few parts from Gundam Denial as well. I always try to build in sub-assemblies. The fo
  12. Thank you guys!!! Glad you all like it. That's a dream job right there! The next Mad Max? Here's some more pictures. A few close ups as well. I use the hexagon Styrene rod to make the bolt heads. I feel it adds weight to the parts. I don't remember where I got the monitor display from. It's been in my spare parts bin forever. It fits the truck, big and bulky. The two A-arms that are mounted to the top of the front turbines is my favorite part. I also really like the way the visor turned out. Can anyone guess what vehicle are the s
  13. Here is the build of my 63 Jetvette. I hesitated on this one for the longest time. I'm a big fan of weathered and rusted vehicles. Being that the Corvette body is Fiberglass, I had a tough time figuring out what the final product was going to look like. I just started building it. It's often the way these jet cars work out for me. I almost always start by crafting the turbines. These are made from 3/8" and 1/2" Styrene tube. I also cut away the body for some vents that I plan to add. I also cut out of each front fender from the top of the wheel arch to the door. I
  14. Hello all. Here's my version of the 56 Foose pick up. This was another fun build. Once I built the two front turbines, I was on a roll. Most of the extra flight details are Gundam parts. The two front turbines are from Gundam Virtue's shoulder armor. It's been modified to fit where the front fender was. I like to add large intakes for a dieselpunk vibe. The grill housing has been narrowed down a bit. I debated back and forth about leaving the truck bed on or off. Decided to leave it off to show the rear engines and gadgetry. The two front thrust
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