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  1. Nice seeing an SVO build and good job! I have a real 1985 SVO that I rescued a few years ago. (Http://www.protowrxs.com/Svo if you're interested) Fun car for sure! I also have a couple kits to build yet but am bummed in that they appear to have the correct 84/85 engine with the inline intake but only include the 85.5 and 86 aero headlights instead of the full bulb versions. Guess I need to just figure out how to make it right. Anyhow, will be following along with your build and looking for ideas for mine. Stephen
  2. Very nice! Question: Is that the stock battery tray area? Mine just seems to look different in my same kit? Plus I have to rebuild that area on my 69 Resin Coupe build so am curious. Anyhow, great job!
  3. Worked a little more on this while I'm interested. Worked up the clutch slave setup, electric fuel pump, and some misc clean up. I wanted to try to duplicate the fuel system as much as possible so scratch built a little Holley electric fuel pump and mount similar to the real thing. Pump body is pretty close to scale, regulator not quite but the plate is close as well. Cut a strip from an aluminum coke can for the strap mount. Those cans are MUCH thinner today than they used to be when I used them for interior panels on my drag models! Sorry, fuel pump pic sucks as I couldn't get a good macro o
  4. Yeah, I keep checking that page but it's still out of stock. I'm leaving that area until the last and hopefully I can find one somewhere, someplace. Thanks for the info though and I do agree - I can't find it but another member did a little grille lean forward that helped a bit. Stephen
  5. Man this looks killer. Love the wheel/disc work, looks great. Going to be a very unique and great end result. Stephen
  6. Thanks for the comments all, it should be an interesting build for me for sure being so long off the bench. Superbike-Shaun: I found that Twister build by freakshow12 you mentioned! It is very motivating and a bit demotivating. Lol. Definitely going to use some of his ideas or at least try to. Thanks for the info!. Espo: I believe you are correct. From what I see it appears the C pillars are really more like the 1970 coupe than the 1969. The 1969 also has some window trimming around the back window that isn't there. Best coupe option I've seen though. Impalow: Very cool on your Dad's coupe. Th
  7. Just saying hi from another Okie. I'm over in Shawnee. Nice builds I see. I haven't built anything in a very long time but getting interested again. Nobody around here to share much with or motivate. Take care. 

  8. This is likely going to be an extended build but thought it would be fun to share the progress (or no progress as it may be) here with others. The goal is to build up a 1/25 scale of my actual 1969 Mustang Coupe that I've had since 1974. I finally have the car back on the road after way too long although it still needs details completed. I really should be working on the real one instead of this but I hope this will rebuild my motivation for the big car. I've messed with cutting up a kit to get the coupe roof line long ago but was never happy with what I could accomplish. Having run across t
  9. Nice work and fun concept. My old Prusa 2 printer just doesn't have the resolution to do much that small I don't think... But now I may have to try :-) Looking ng forward to your progress!
  10. Interesting - does seem to look better. I keep hoping the resin fix will be back in stock but no such luck yet. I have a 69 resin Coupe that I am building to match my 1:1 Stang and really do not want to use the stock front end. My real 69 Stang really doesn't look like the kit front end for sure. Now come up with a fix for the droopy headlights before I get to the mine so I can copy :-) Stephen
  11. Just checking in and saying hi from Oklahoma land. Old man, no current builds but a few survivors from the 1980s. Been re-collecting some projects and especially want to build a copy of my full scale 1969 Mustang Coupe using the Grande Resin kit. Here's a few of the old builds for now. 1940 Sedan was built to be like the 40 Sedan in my garage at the time... model done back then, real car sold so I could work on my real 1969 Mustang. 1987 Turbocoupe drag car as the 87 Turbocoupe body on the 85 Pro Stock chassis before any TC kit was available. The 1985/6 Prostock car was done before the 87 with
  12. Looks like out of stock continues... :-( I'd love to get one at least for a scale build of my real 69 Mustang coupe I'm working on with a Grande resin body. Anyone have recent luck? Guess I'll just keep checking for stock... Stephen
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