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  1. Reminds me of my Flower Power Revell Beetle, another of the '70s fiascoes.
  2. Price fixing and price gouging are more than likely quite common in the upper price ranges of our hobby.
  3. The rear tires in the old AMT1970 Dodge Super-Bee Pro-street have a .77 sidewall width and a .65 tread width, although that are a small bit taller. Also they are Firestones.
  4. Sweet little GTO. Real nice paint, not too overly glossy, looks more like a factory paint job.
  5. Going to be a very nice looking Ranchero. Sure wish some of these older molds could be found and reissued.
  6. Wow, where is that old beauty parked, I will come and rescue it. Very nice work.
  7. Yeah, but what do you have for a bit of old age shake? Sweet little scooter. Imagination in modeling is a great thing.
  8. These kits do build into some really nice looking street machine/racers. I would like to find another one. Like what you have done with this one, especially using the Nova back half.; wish I had thought of that with mine instead of radiusing the wheel-wells.
  9. Not sure about that. As hot as this little piece is going to be the ice cream will probably melt as soon as the grocery cart pulls up beside it. I decided a couple years ago I was not going to buy any more kits - I lied. This one somehow wound up on my doorstep. Looking forward to updates on this killer build.
  10. A bit confused what you are looking for. Your title says "Prostock/mod" which would indicate slicks, yet your picture is a treaded pro-street tire. Which one are you after slicks or treaded?
  11. Always like the look of salty dogs. This is a beautiful example of the ingenuity of that breed of race car builders. Really like the overall build.
  12. Mack trucks are the epitome of big rigs, they are so monstrous looking. This one just screams heavy duty. Beautiful build.
  13. I asked about this one in your diorama post, so glad you posted it. That is some excellent engineering and model work. Beautiful paint and decal work also.
  14. Congratulations on the awards, that is an awesome representation of an iconic car.
  15. Just tuned into this build and am thoroughly intrigued. A thought about the wheel arches, would it be possible to remove the arches from the T-Bird and splice them into the Lincoln? It appears there are a lot of similarities between the two bodies.
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