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  1. Just completed a great trade with Michelle. Quick shipping and excellent communication. Will trade again if opportunity arises.
  2. First off, what is this sanity you are speaking of? Really like the imagination you have to build this one. This is what concept builds are all about anyway, throw something out there and see what sticks. Keep working with it and it will eventually take the shape you want it to have.
  3. Is it possible your choice of primer could be causing a color shift? Maybe a lighter color primer would bring the blue back down to where you want it. Just some questions off the top of my head, you may have already considered this.
  4. Oh yes, Mighty Mouse, another was Deputy Dawg. I can't remember the titles of many of them, after all it was over 65 years ago and my brain is not as agile as it once was.
  5. I built this kit a few years back, put in a fuel-injected SBC. For the hinge I used wire and brass tube. It made the hinging easier but didn't do a thing for the fit at the fender, therefore I display it with the front flipped forward.
  6. Going to be a sweet short tracker. Keep those updates coming. Of the 14 builds in my limited display, 7 are short trackers - one of my favorite build styles.
  7. The first model kit I ever got was for Christmas 1959 and was a '40 Ford Coupe (Trophy Series). From that point on I became obsessed with buying models and asking for them as gifts for birthdays, Christmas, etc. Back then the MSRP was on the box as part of the kit number. Fictitious example T800-125, that kit was $1.25. Sold off my complete collection in 1984, was in the USAF and got tired of packing and moving them, plus I had lost some interest in them. Got back into the hobby in the mid 90's and was shocked by the prices at $7-8. Very seldom have I paid full retail, eBay was my friend i
  8. Really nice builod and those photos look like they came from a factory brochure. Very nice work.
  9. Wow, some really fine photo work, and so much more stock than they are today.
  10. Very well built puller. As Trevor said, I also have one of these in the planning stage and have scored a set of those wheels.
  11. Really nice drag Shelby. The background photos make it look more convincing. Great job.
  12. You have presented a model of my all-time favorite car - the '65 Chevelle SS; doesn't matter the livery or build style. Now back to your build, it is a masterful piece of work. Very nice attention to detail and an overall clean build. I also grew up in those days and fondly remember the onslaught of changes in "street" appearing drag cars. Love this build.
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