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  1. Thanks! Thats just what I need! I havent seen anything like these trucks anywhere. I am suprised no model kit has been made of these vans.
  2. The brake fluid really works great! I have cleaned 4 cars now and it removed all paint. 2 cars must have had a different type paint, they took 2 days but still came very clean with no damage to the plastic. I am using a plastic 12 pack cooler for the tank, the lid seals well and has a latch. It is time to strain it, the brake fluid looks ugly now. I have been working outside with gloves etc. the fumes are bad from brake fluid, but no problems if you are careful. Thanks everyone!
  3. Has anyone made rubber stamps to use for marking tires? Like a "Firestone" or "Goodyear" stamp? Use some white paint and- there you go. I suppose if they knew, the manufacturers would stop this also.
  4. I thought some of might like to see these, you might have to scroll down to find the pics. Hope the administraters dont mind if I post some links here: http://www.tsrfcars.com/t-kallas-lancia.htm http://www.tsrfcars.com/t-kallas-956.htm http://www.slotblog.net/Forums/viewtopic.php?t=256 http://www.slotblog.net/Forums/viewtopic.php?t=125 http://www.slotblog.net/Forums/viewtopic.php?t=108 You might recognise the artist in the last link. :wink:
  5. What can I do to reduce orange peel? This is with oil enamal like testors. I wash the car with dishsoap and rinse well, completely dry. Been thinning about 40-50% at different times ( with testors paint thinner for airbrush) and still cant get a really smooth paint. It doesnt look to bad (for me) but compared to the paint jobs I see here, its just not good enough yet. Should I thin even more? I have used between 20 -30 psi and I do have a water/oil trap. Could it be the psi is wrong? Also, Have any of you tryed to use oil enamal like rustolium or whatever they sell at the hardware stor
  6. I use them for slot cars, different kinds. Usually I buy a regular kit and use the body, some of the chrome parts like grills, bumpers etc. I use the window glass for stock cars, thinner celophane type plastic for drag cars windows. Sometimes I use a full interior and install a driver, sometimes I use a shallow flat type made for slots. Everything else from the kit goes in a big box and there it sets. Most of the cars I build are drag cars or larger full size cars for vintage stock cars. I am finishing a 40 ford jalopy racer right now. If you look in the model racing section here you
  7. No, I am not talking about my wife. :wink: Are there any companies or websites that sell body kits? Not the complete model? There used to be a hobby store here in town that had all kinds of bodies and body parts, but they were not complete kits. I dont think they were resin.
  8. Does anyone make a 1/24 or 1/25 kit of a UPS or Fed x truck? Thanks for any help,
  9. I think that link is to the old forum, which was locked for posting I beleive. It is still up for references- lots of pics etc.
  10. Hi! I've been practicing, mostly fiddling with the pressures and adjustments on the airbrush. Still getting the feel for thinning the paint. Havent got it right yet, but I think its going to be great. i just need to get my skill level up now. I have some old model kits I am going to re-use, that will give me some experience. The Badger 200 is a nice little brush, of course the only one I have to campare is a testors ($20.00 at wal-mart) and the Badger is much better. I'll try to get the photo thing going here soon. Maybe it's just me, but the laquer painting on lexan seems e
  11. Simple green removes paint? I never tried that. Thanks for the replies everyone, I will try some of these ideas and let you know how they work for me. I have about 12 cars to strip. Got them at a garage sale for less then $1.00 each. Thanks!
  12. After checking around, the best I can come up with is: 12-14 psi for laquer paints on lexan, thin about 50% laquer thinner * many different things have been listed for thinning, like 4o9 cleaner, acetone? 60 - 80 psi for acrylics. not sure on the thinning ratio, or what to thin with. Dont know yet for oil enamel, I have been using about 28 psi and I dont think it is quite right. Of course, it could be me since I am new. Thin enamel about 40% paint thinner. Havent seen anything saying exactly what psi to spray with. This info came from several sources, like the testors airbrush th
  13. I have several models from garage sales that I want to re-use. Any tips on model paint removal? I think these are all oil enamel like testors paint. Somewhere I read about having a dip tank or bucket for this, that would be best since I will have several to do. What is used in this method? Thanks for any help! Roy
  14. Hi! Can this foil be used over metal? Like cast aluminum or brass? I have some cox american mag wheels that look great but they are dull. I dont know if foil would be better then trying to polish the aluminum.
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