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  1. Paolo, you have obviously forgotten everything you knew about custom building models. 25 yrs is a long time . May I suggest a,Snap kit to get you back into the hobby? Don't need to wait for finished pics to see this is gonna be spectacular!
  2. I'll wait for the price to drop (substantially) then build it curbside. I'm more excited about the late October Round 2 releases, especially the Century Coronado boat.
  3. We now know that when Round 2 introduces more new subjects that they are serious about it! Thanks Tim for the short review.
  4. I call that an opportunity to build a curbside and save the entire drivetrain for a different project!
  5. Anyone have an update on the 61 Catalina? I thought it would be out by now.
  6. Now ain't that something! Can't wait to see it in paint.
  7. Beautiful build, have one myself, stalled after assembling the bed. BTW oil filter should a Motorcraft FL1A.
  8. I recently read a post on that other forum about 2 new kits from Revell. A 48 Cadillac convertible and 56 F100. Fact or fiction? Would the 56 F100 be an all new tool?
  9. An accurate 1956 Ford F100. V8 and 6, custom cab and standard, big or small back window option. But, it must have an accurate windshield and grille!
  10. They are absolutely beautiful replicas, now get busy and put the distributor shield on the first one before anybody notices.
  11. wallyk 50

    57 Nomad

    What primer did you use and how long did you wait to put on the color coat?
  12. Unless you have casting numbers you cannot tell them apart. I will be picking up at least 2 of these, drove a 61 Star Chief in high school. I am really impressed by the quality and details in this kit. I sure hope you guys have a good business model, like to see this level of kits around for a long while. Tim, thanks for the preview. Wally
  13. Bob, I have one of these, kit #A163 that has 25th anniversary on the box top. I am sure the bottom is not original as it is a small fit for the top. Anyway, I bought this kit way back when, probably in the seventies. It is molded in black with the 67 backup lights. Is this one of those issues?
  14. I just aS the snake on the lower fender and thought it was. They are just so few,and far between.
  15. Your Dad has a68 Cobra? Do you know how rare that is? They are really something special. Nice model too
  16. My son, who logged many miles with these trailers, says yes they do. In fact his had a third drop axle to haul more. I come from down south and when I moved up here to Michigan I couldn't believe it! There are rigs around here running as many as six axles on trailers!
  17. Back in the late 50's, early 60's we lived near Morton Grove Illinois where Monogram was located. Our neighbor worked there and would bring test shots home frequently. Complete kits but non of the chrome was plated. His son had one of the 1/8 XKE' s, later got a Big T. We moved shortly after that. Saw some neat stuff before they hit the shelf.
  18. Been lurking around for a while, really like the forum. I have been building models since my Dad bought my first one, a 58 Chevy Impala AMT annual kit sometime in 1959. I have slowed down at times, but never quit. I build all scales cars and trucks. Lately it's light trucks, has something to do with the recent Moebius issues. We have just moved into a new home we had built, so I don't have my stuff set up yet! My first project will be a 71 F100 short bed I owned one year's ago, it was a plain f100 custom no chrome 360 3 speed. Thanks for letting me ramble on.
  19. LDO, you just gave me a terrific idea! I think I'll put a Hudson Super Six in my '29. Wallyk, the new guy
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