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  1. wow looks amazing , very nice work , can you tell me , pm me a link to the hood ornament ive been looking for that for a while to no avail for a big trouble in little china build im doing , please help
  2. that is just bad a-- really like it , nice work
  3. you got talent , the weathering is just amazing , looks so good , congrats
  4. thanks , looks great , trucks awesome , i think im going try light my first build up ive got a revell freightliner convensional with amt livestock trailer im going to do the porkchop express , i love the truck and film , so i think the sleeper will be used to house electronics battery etc , im not sure yet , its my first build havnt s clue how to even do electronics , but il figure it out lol ... but i will deffinatly try the open door on one of my models soon , next truck after this , thanks for the tips
  5. thats crazy , do you mind saying how did you do the doors , looks great
  6. great truck , looks great , can i ask how did you the silver so neatly round the doors of the sleeper , also what silver did you use , looks really good , im currently doing a freightliner convensional and would like to know , its my first build , model lol thanks
  7. wow nice work pal , id like to get to this level of skill , i find it really hard to paint small things neatly , also the cab door opening , is the model like that or did you do the door , look amazing
  8. look's great , how did you do the decal's did you print them yourself .. nice truck
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