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  1. Wow. Thank you all for the replies. Lots to go on. Thank you so much!
  2. Hello I'm looking to enhance my mini cooper by changing the stock mini cooper tires with some racing tires. Where would one find these? Would a legends car tires work? Thanks for your help!
  3. Really Nice! What did you use for the chassis? Or did that kit come with it tubbed.
  4. Sorry to add to an older post. But where did you get the tires and rims for the 1/16 th VW. I have the same model but can't find where to get these Thanks
  5. Great builds, and I like the scale track as well
  6. Very inspiring. I would like to attempt one of these builds. Great job
  7. They are calling for snow today as a matter of fact. Got to love Calgary
  8. Hello, my name is Jeff and I am returning to the hobby after about a 15 year break. Excited to be apart of a hobby that continues to be entertaining. Look forward to the tips and motivational pieces. Jeff
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