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  1. I'm pretty sure i have a couple spares...
  2. New update here, everyone!
  3. Its gonna be Killer, bud!!!!
  4. Nice job on that exhaust!!!
  5. Dont know how i missed this little gem, but i'm glad i found it! -Fantastic kolor!!!, and i love everything about how this is looking!!!!
  6. Looking SWEEET!!!! -those wheels are Killer!!!!
  7. Its so cool watching this one evolve!!!!.....its looking Brilliant, Bud!!!!...i'd just polish this one out too. Need to find this kit -thanks for sharing!!
  8. Outstanding custom job!!!...looks right at home! Is that Metallic Pewter from Duplicolor?....love the kolor!!!!
  9. First off, you're doing a great job, Bud!!, and you always find unique ways to build Cobras. Secondly, i agree with everybody else...Fujimi really dropped the ball on this one...having said that, i also agree that this is a Fun kit to build, and looks great on the shelf. I treat it like its a kit of one of the kit car offerings...thats how i can, and will build mine. Looking forward to more!!!
  10. Looking GREAT!!!...love the SBing!!!!
  11. Thanks, Bud! -i know....Pantera, lol
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