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  1. Looks great! I built one of these back in the day and had Bob sign it at Berlin Raceway here in Michigan.
  2. Very nice! I've seen a similar one in a museum in Fairbanks, AK.
  3. That is definitely the jack that came with the Dodge trucks, I have one from the 73 annual and another from the Little Red Express.
  4. Thanks Jim, the older Dodge trucks didn't come with mirrors and the box art doesn't show them so I forgot they were in there. Your mounting method is much better!
  5. I received Cutlass parts today that I ordered in December and they look very nice! Worth the wait!
  6. I had an 85 with the Turbo and 5-speed, that was a fun car! Nice job on the build!
  7. Nice looking truck, my Dad had one about that color when I was a kid and I've always liked that body style!
  8. Very nice! I've got one on the bench right now and am glad to see one finished!
  9. I stand corrected! That picture makes it much easier to see. Thanks for posting!
  10. The front end may be a little off but that isn't as bad as the quarter window which doesn't come down far enough or that upper body line they added above the door handle. I'll still buy at least one but it's going to take a lot to make it look right.
  11. I am lucky enough to have three LHSs within a 20 minute drive of home. I buy most of my kits and supplies from Rider's Hobby (mostly because I used to work there!) but I stop at the others occasionally to see what they have in stock. I only buy online if something is out of production or things like resin parts from places like Modelhaus or M.A.D.
  12. I picked one up yesterday from Hobby Lobby with a 40% off, I was lucky to get the last one on the shelf!
  13. Had a great afternoon at the Detroit Area Auto Modellers show and picked up an MPC '73 Dodge Pickup that I've been looking for to replicate the truck that I got from my Grandpa when I started driving. Also picked up some 1/24 tools from SMBC - What a nice guy and great products!
  14. This is not an official update by any means but I met Paul today at the Detroit Area Auto Modellers show and it sounds like he is doing better but still not back to 100%. I'm sure prayers and well-wishes would still be appreciated. I also picked up a couple of his newer products and I have to say I'm really impressed with the quality!
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