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  1. Very nice Build! This kit has zero parts fit issues, one of the best I've ever built!
  2. Love the smooth black paint!
  3. Love those Divco's ! I think you could drive them standing up!
  4. Great looking build! This styling was considered odd in '62, not so odd these days when compared to a goofy looking Prius, or a Cube!
  5. One of my favorite Fords! And in red to top it off! Beautiful build!
  6. Beautiful job! One of my favorite post '72 Plymouths!
  7. Oh, Charlie, the paint is Tamiya TS-19 blue.
  8. Charlie, the chassis is the same as the Revell '59 Impala, so the spare tire well was removed and filled as the '60 stored the spare flat on the floor. The rockers hang down below the body, so I cut them off and thinned them down and re-attached. The exhaust exits behind the rear wheels so pipes were shortened and bent. The front spindles were cut off and moved forward so the front wheels didn't have the "knee back" look to them. Revell dropped the ball on this kit as far as I'm concerned.
  9. I finished this last month, I just got around to taking pics. The Revell 1960 Impala with special tweaks on the incorrect chassis. Thanks for looking, comments welcome!
  10. Here's some pics of the body and chassis mocked up. Thanks for looking!
  11. After some time, I've finally have the interior finished. Thanks for looking!
  12. Gorgeous build, very nice and clean! I wonder if the tooling still exists for the Bonneville, I had the this one when it was released as the "Polyglass Gasser" Back in the early '70's, long gone now!
  13. Thanks for the great tip Mike on the wheel openings! I've always heard they were shaped wrong, now I know where and how to correct it. I'll be watching this one!
  14. Thanks for the comments everyone! For the frame, I actually masked off the floor and painted with Tamiya TS 29 semi gloss black.
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