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  1. This looks fantastic. I haven't built one of these yet. What shortcomings or issues did you experience with the build?
  2. Tamiya TS-14 Gloss Black and TS-30 Silver Leaf for the body. MCW 2128 Red for the chassis and interior. This one is strictly box stock. The decals are 25 years old and an absolute nightmare. I tried the silver decals and knew those weren't going to fit the front bumper curves so I ended up painting the silver and creating the red stripes from clear decal film and the leftover MCW paint. The decals silvered like crazy but I was able to salvage them. More pictures in the gallery: Mike Skinner Goodwrench Chevy SuperTruck
  3. I created a decal for the grill.
  4. This is the Salvinos JR Cale Yarborough Monte Carlo SS. The colors are Tamiya TS-26 (Pure White) and MCW 2012 (Red/Orange). This was my first time using MCW paints and I went a little too heavy on the body so it turned out a bit more red. I swapped the wheels with 5 hole wheels from a T-Bird kit, built a new exhaust, and added the camera antenna on the trunk. This is my first attempt at adding roll bar padding. I used 1/16th heat shrink and black thread for the straps. I added the front air dam (or whatever it’s called) by tracing the piece that is included in
  5. I have this same version (not sure if the exact same model, but they all appear to be the same). I get my filters from MicroMark. They have a 5 pack for around $23. This is usually the best price I have found.
  6. Finished project located here: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/158787-2017-chase-elliott-darlington-throwback/
  7. Chase Elliott's 2017 throwback to his father Bill's ride. This is the Revell Gen 6 kit with minor modifications (spoiler, fuel line, ride height, tucked wheels, splitter) The colors I used were Krylon SCS-070 Bonnet Blue and SCS-073 Forever Blue for the back. The chassis is Tamiya AS-20 Insignia White. The Decals are from MPR. I decided to use the kit decals for the headlights, taillights and grill. I added a few minor decals touches of my own. More pictures in the gallery: Chase Elliott 2017 Darlington Throwback
  8. It's called "Build a better Buick" by Drew Hierwarter from the June 2007 issue.
  9. Based on the Busch Beer tweet before the 2018 finale, this is my interpretation of the Millennial V-Lit scheme. Decals are ink jet printed (Numbers then painted fluorescent green). The kit is one of the Danica fusions. I lowered the ride height, tucked the wheels in, added a fuel line and added the front splitter. Everything else is box stock. More pictures in the gallery: Busch Beer Millennial V-Lit
  10. With the hood in place, I applied the decal and let it overlap on the fender. Once dry I carefully cut along the hood edges with a sharp x-acto blade. I think I taped the hood in place along the cowling so it wouldn't move.
  11. The chassis is complete, but I still have the body to complete. I added fuel lines and some missing bars to the cage. The ride height is modified and the wheels are brought it. After having it complete, I ended up dropping it on its wheels and had to redo the rear suspension. That minor catastrophe aside, it turned out ok. I have more pictures available in the gallery: Gen 6 Chevy SS
  12. I use the Tamiya powders with the "Soot" (Set B in the link below) to tone down the tire decals. I usually apply it with the sponge end of the applicator. https://www.tamiya.com/english/products/87080weathering/index.htm
  13. Maybe this will help. I only sanded part of the edge in this picture.
  14. No groove, I just use the sandpaper to essentially scrape off the paint from the edge (others use an Exacto blade). If your wheels are white plastic to start, you should have a white ring when you are done sanding, then you can Sharpie whatever color you need. I don't have a lathe, this is done by hand.
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