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  1. Sweet looking custom build!
  2. Well I tried with no success. Not sure what version IPAD I have but its evidently outdated with no upgrades available.
  3. I'll give that a shot when I get home tonight, thanks.
  4. It seems since the upgrade any pics in a post appear as links that I have to click on to view on my older IPAD. Also I am not able to reply to a post or start a new topic. Works fine on my work computer here. Any suggestions or is anyone else experiencing this? Thanks.
  5. shoopdog

    Mazda MX5

    Good looking build!
  6. Thank you Tony for the info.
  7. Super nice, Pepsi for me although I haven't had a soda for 5 years now.
  8. I keep coming back to admire this great looking build, but could someone please explain the exhaust setup with the one pipe coming off one header.
  9. Great looking build Ray! Revell's 57 Ford kits are top notch.
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