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  1. If you can get your hands on new guitar strings, the heavier wound strings will already have that coiled base. Here's a quick and dirty example. With a little more effort, you could make this work.
  2. I'm building the original issue of that Volvo 760 now. Pretty basic, nothing to get too excited about...unless you're a Volvo fan, like me. Needs some help in terms of wheel fitment, but it's not horrible.
  3. She was probably the first "video vixen" my friends and I ever really noticed. And definitely the first one whose name we knew. Spend tons of time with our VHS player, slowing the Here I Go Again video down, verifying that there was indeed a nip slip. lolz Had a rough period, but seemed like she had everything turned around. Sad.
  4. I've had better luck with the Acme site. I find it's more accurate. At least for Canadian plates it seems to be.
  5. Nicely done! I've been searching for some of these Tamiya DTM kits for a while.
  6. Can you imagine going back in time to 1971, heading into a Chrysler showroom, and telling people that in 50 years, people will be selling these cars for millions? People would think you're off your nut.
  7. Cleaned up some posts. Sometimes our heroes seem immortal and ever present, so it's surprising to hear that they've left us. It's not like people are literally shocked that someone could actually die. Calm down, move on.
  8. As a related tip, I've used Lego to properly align a truck chassis during assembly. Works great!
  9. It was two years ago today that Luna became part of the family.
  10. I always have music on. Usually something a little more mellow, almost always instrumental. Mostly obscure post-rock bands.
  11. I've had that happen for a couple of reasons. First, I'm just forgetful. I see something and think to myself, "Dang that's awesome. Gotta have it!" Then I get home and I already have it. This doesn't happen too often. Tamiya Audi quattro, AMT Christine. Two that come to mind. Second, it's too good of a deal to pass up. I've found kits at antique stores or garage sales at prices so low, I have to buy it. Prime example, a couple of years ago I was at a client's shop delivered his new truck, when I saw a couple of boxes of model kits. I asked, and he said he was clearing out spa
  12. Really nice build! My second car was a 1986 Stellar GSL. Got it in 1992, drove it for a year, and it was bulletproof. Manual trans, manual choke, but power everything, AC, great factory stereo, excellent heater, excellent fuel economy. Unfortunately, I literally rolled it down a mountain, so had to replace it. These were better than people gave them credit for.
  13. Excellent looking build! And your photos look great too!
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