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  1. It's a wonder he lasted as long as he did! Having part of his ear bitten off at a Clash show. Drinking to excess. Excessively. Hepatitis A Questionable dental health. Seriously. Google his teeth. Viral encephalitis Fractured pelvis (due to falling while drunk) Despite all of that, a huge talent. “I haven’t joined a band to drink milk.”
  2. One I found challenging was the Ram Power Wagon from A&N Model Trucks. When I ordered mine, I added the upgraded suspension pack, the engine pack, and the other accessories: brush guard, snorkel, aux lights. Rear suspension alone was almost 40 parts, made up of resin and photoetch. Front suspension was even more complicated. And because the engine and suspension were both upgrades, they had separate instructions, so there was a lot of going back and forth during the build. Combine that with the parts having no numbering system at all, and you really need to pay attention. The biggest issue I had was with assembly. The interior was a bugger to fit inside the cab. I thought I was going to break something. The floor is much wider than the cab. And you need to assemble the seats before you install it, so you can't exactly twist and fold it into the cab. Especially because the door panels attach to the cab sides. Maybe it's because it was my first experience with a full resin kit, so my inexperience showed. Knowing all of this now, I could do better if I built another, but I'm not sure I want to.
  3. I had a Mars 2 Pro. Perfect for engines, seats, wheels/tires etc. Could do multi-piece bodies, but not full one piece bodies. So if you don't mind gluing the body parts together, it's a great machine to start with. I just picked up a Saturn 2, wcan do one piece bodies. Check the 3D printing thread in the "general discussion" section. Lots of talk about printers there, with people that have far more experience than I do with different printers!
  4. That's some excellent work! Looks great!
  5. Added some more kits. If it has a pic, it's still available.
  6. Well now that Issue 222 is out, here are a few more pics of the Revell Rammstein tour truck. It's obviously the same old 1/32 snap kit that has been around for years. Very simple, but a quick, fun build. This particular one has the Ford Aeromax and the Fruehauf box trailer. Painted with Tamiya sprays, and liberal use of the Tamiya black wash. Decals were big. I cut them into parts to make application easier. And they are supposed to look chipped and worn! I liked building this. Will probably pick up another. Maybe the KISS or ACDC tour truck set! And for fun, for those of you with Spotify, here's my "Rammstein Build" playlist.
  7. Thanks! I initially bought the printer with parts in mind. Then it dawned on me that I could print bodies, and full kits. Now I've just picked up a much larger printer and I'm fully addicted. Smaller printers like the Elegoo Mars series are pretty inexpensive now too.
  8. I printed mine at 1/24. Roofline seemed a little off, but that could be my printing. I want to print another because I see a few places I could improve it. I'm going to look for this Bandai one though. I've been liking the smaller scale stuff lately.
  9. That's awesome that you were able to put the deal together! And it's crazy to think that a magazine feature car came from Bluesky, Alberta. I've been to Bluesky. Maybe 100 people live there? Even fewer back in the 70s.
  10. I wonder this all the time. I see old magazines and wonder what became of the cars and trucks featured. Movie and TV cars too. And so many times, it's like they've just been discarded. It bums me out.
  11. The files are readily available to purchase if you have a 3d printer. Expensive though.
  12. As mentioned in my previous post in this very thread, values are low. I paid $35 for one, including $10 shipping from US to Canada. Other Lindberg snap kits are on eBay right now for less than $30. Just because something is old, doesn't mean it's valuable.
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