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  1. You know...I long for the days of low res cameras. These new cameras just seem to magnify things the naked eye misses. Anyway... This is Fujimi's Porsche 964 RSR kit. I avoided some of the RSR parts and did my own version of the 3.8 RS. Tamiya's TS35 Park Green does a decent job of replicating Porsche's Viper Green. Tamiya white primer, the Park Green, and Tamiya clearcoat. The interior is a semi-gloss black I had. I think it's a Duplicolor paint. The carpets are embossing powder. First time I've used that (I normally use flocking) and I like the results. I added some seatbelts too.
  2. Well, I have royally messed up a Porsche. If anyone has an extra body for a Fujimi Porsche 964 Turbo, or a complete kit, please let me know. I have complete kits i would trade for one, or we can figure something out
  3. The kit is a 1/24 and includes the Corvette engine and rear end. Here's another thread where I posted pics of the kit.
  4. Holy moly. That is stunning. It gets said a lot around here, but with natural lighting, that would be virtually indistinguishable from the real thing.
  5. Interesting that Mattel, a toy company, has licensed their branding to what is essentially another toy company.
  6. Very cool build! I have a related question. What are the 1968 Plymouth Fury kits? Kind of off topic, but has a 68 Fury III convertible ever been kitted?
  7. Been on Ebay for years, and have had some luck there as both a buyer and a seller. I won't be selling anymore though. I'm not providing banking information to any online entity. PayPal tied to a credit card that only ever gets used for this kind of thing is one thing, personal banking info is another. I haven't tried to buy anything lately, but I think we can still use PayPal to buy. Ah well.
  8. I think it's awesome. If the opportunity came up and the funds permitted, I'd be on one of these spaceships with zero hesitation. It would be far more interesting though if the whole "space hotel" idea was happening faster. Being able to have somewhere to go while in space would be great.
  9. Not your best work? Looks pretty dang good to me!
  10. The crazy thing about Eddie is that he was not sentimental about that guitar and there really were no "steps" or thought process behind it. It was originally black. He literally put some tape stripes on it and spray bombed it white. After a while, put on some more tape stripes and spray bombed it red. Didn't even remove all the tape from the first time. Nailed some truck reflectors on the back. Nailed a nickel into the front of the body to support the bridge, used a chisel to make room for a pickup, used hardware store eyehooks as strap holders. I like the truck! I h
  11. That Grand Wagoneer is sweet. The new Rubicon 392 is pretty awesome. I have one coming for one of my clients. There's no way a Wrangler needs almost 500hp, but darn it will be fun!
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