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  1. Update. Chassis is almost complete. I still need to figure out what to do for the shocks, the model is designed for RC shocks but I'm going to have to scratch something or try to find some I can print. The upright frame work, which holds up the rear cargo sections of the truck are not yet attached. I was not happy with the roof panels so I'm reprinting them. One of the issues with scaling down the files is that some of the parts become too thin and just don't print as well as you'd like, so I've reprinted more than a few parts. Also the differential casing are over
  2. Dan, it took about 1.5hrs for each of the frame sections, they weren't very tall on the build plate. The rear supports for the body took around 3.5hrs each cause of their height and all the brackets were around another hour. The files for the front and rear axles were another 2hrs each and the extras that go with them were just under an hour. So far I've pretty much been printing since I Friday around noon, tho I did miss a few hours while sleeping. The big files, the body panels will be started on shortly, I'm guess I'll be printing on and off till around Wednesday.
  3. At some point, you may be right. I would bet there is or will be soon a rubber like resin that will be good for printing 3D tires. Decals files can be sold too as part of the kit files as well. Time will tell. Frame update. All six files have been printed and are ready for clean up. And here's the frame assembled, minus the two large brackets in the back of the pic. These are the supports for the rear body work. I'm going to leave them connected to the supports till I'm ready to glue them to the frame to avoid any chance of warpage. The holes in the frame
  4. As the title states I'm starting another 3D print project today. This time around I'm going for a Big Rig..of sorts.. a Kamaz Dakar Rally Truck. If interested you can buy the files HERE. You only need to buy three files, cab and front and rear axles, the rest the author supplies free of charge. The total cost was around $27CDN for me, not including what resin I will use. I'm figuring it's going to be right around 1kg of raw resin, assuming no misprints or fails. I'm not 100% certain on the exact year the truck is to represent but I believe its in the mid to late teens, somewhere arou
  5. Update. I lost the photos I took right after I finished printing....I've got no idea where they went. Anyways, there some pics of the assembly underway. I'm going to attach a lot of the parts so I dont mess up the paint . It'll require extra masking but I'd rather that than messing up a painted surface. Close up of the wheels showing the details. These are 95% untouched as far as finishing goes. After removing the supports all I've done is sanded the back side of the wheels/tires to remove any nubs left from the supports. The tire tread surface and the front sidewalls are baby b
  6. Unfortunately the original designer didn't include the panel lines in on the engine cover. It is possible to take the files and load them into MeshMixer and add them in, but I have no idea how to do it. I've used MeshMixer a few times but for pretty simple things. Adding lines like that would be beyond me right now. I think what I may do is just use some fine line decals to recreate the panel lines, or maybe make templates to scribe them in manually.
  7. I started another 3D print project his week. Up next is Aston Martin's new AMR21 F1 car. For this project I purchased the files from a designer here . The next pics are of his 3D print of the files on an FLA or filament printer. I don't find them to be as clean looking as resin printers for fine detail. On large scale items they're great but I think resin printers are more detail oriented and give a better result for things in smaller scales. His files are set to print in 1/18th scale but I scaled mine down to 1/20th so I can include it with any other F1 builds I might do in th
  8. I wouldnt be surprised if they do a GT350/R cause if you look at the initial 3D models they posted, there are two center consoles, one with no shifter and one with a manual, since the GT500 only has the dual clutch, I assumed they were planning on doing a 350 version as well since really the only body work difference other than, spoiler and the front upper grill and rear trunk center piece is the hood and glass, The glass for the 500 should be the same as the 350 so they have that already. The floor pan, rear seats and door panels should be also the same or almost, just the seats are different
  9. Thanks for sharing Simon. The kit is way more detailed than I originally thought. Alpha hasn't posted any pics that I have seen of the engine, PE or decals so this is the first I'm seeing them and I'm impressed. Mine's enroute and can't wait for it to arrive. I too won't be using the kit supplied schemes either, what are you planning on? Looking forward to your WiP thread.
  10. It does seem a bit high, but there's like 52 pieces to the TK, not including decals. Meaning you're paying like less than $2 per piece. I think they should drop the 2 sets of wheels and tires and give you the option to pick which set you want. That would drop the price by like $10-12 or more based on their wheel/tire sets. I'll be ordering one, but would definitely like to see the price a bit cheaper. The quality looks good.
  11. Thanks Doug. Great tip.....where were you when I was trying to figure this out....just kidding. This was my first attempt at something like this so now I know for the next time. I found another file of another car I want to print now, and the plan is to work on it tonight at work ( covering for someone so I've got a 12hr shift tonight), and maybe set it up for a print on the weekend. The file is in 1/20th scale so I'll have to scale all the pieces down to 1/24th. This new file has separate parts for wheels, tires, brakes, vents, grills, glass, pretty much everything on the outside of th
  12. Another update....much later than I had originally planned on, but it's here. Finished printing the 3 files I have so far for this project this morning, and there's good, bad, and ugly..... The good, all three prints went off without a hitch. The rear clip printed up nicely, fresh out of the printer The detail is excellent and the print quality excellent as well. The panel lines are not as deep as I'd like, but I'll just have to scribe them later on. The supports are a bit over done, I probably could have removed half of them and been fine, but I side
  13. Small update for tonight, First, thanks for the replies, second, my resin did come in this morning so I was able to set a print up before heading off to bed. First print was the front clip of the body, it's actually more like 3/4 of the whole body. I "sliced" the body at the back wheel arches, and across the C pillar and just below the top of the rear window to minimize and details being "cut" by the slice. So the print took about 11 1/2 hours and finished about 5 mins before I had to run out the door to work, leaving me just enough time to remove it from the build plate, quic
  14. So as stated in the title, this will be (fingers crossed) a 3D printed car in 1/24th scale. My plan is to use either a Tamiya AMG GT3 chassis for the base or a Revell AMG GT, I"m not sure which I'll use yet as I haven't officially started printing any of the files. I bought the files for the body and wheels off of a couple different designers on the web, I'll link to each down below. I have software to design my own items, but I'm not there yet, still teaching myself how to use the different versions I have but the ultimate goal is to be able to design and print my own items.....eventuall
  15. Mine are taking that 90hr flight from HK to Canada. Pretty sure the flight hits Saturn and Uranus before landing in Toronto.
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