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  1. Hey Dan, The printer comes with editing software that allows you to scale up down, rotate, hollow out, add holes(drainage, I hollowed out the chest so it wasn't solid, and added holes to drain out the resin inside) and add in supports for the print. The software is by Chitubox and if you search it on Youtube you can find videos that explain it a lot better than I can. But yes, you can scale down to 1/24 but you'd have to have the measurements to do so as the scaling feature is done on %. I used the FLA files which have a base size of 1/8th scale, as set by the designer of the model. I s
  2. Doh.....just noticed I put this in the Under Glass section....if a mod could be so kind to move it to the wip section please...thanks.
  3. First update: First file has been printed and amazingly I seem to have nailed the use of the slicing software (Chitubox) and my settings on the printer cause the print came out perfect. Here it is after removing the printer cover hanging upside down on the build plate. I made sure to add supports under the model and not attach it directly to the build plate. Doing this makes it much more difficult to remove the printed file from the build plate. Next up here it is after being removed from the build plate and cleaned in 99% isopropyl alcohol and then some soapy water. I
  4. As the title states this will be a 3D model print of The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda (Grogu). This will be my first ever large scale figure model. Luckily there's no real faces to paint as I don't think I have the painting skills for a realistic humanoid face, but plan on doing another figure soon that will require just that. For starters, I am using a Elegoo Mars 2 Mono (my first 3D printer) that using liquid resin as its print medium. I bought the 3D file of of here. I am using the FLA files which gives a bigger scale model and also breaks down the parts more for easier pa
  5. I didn't officially "get this today" but I did order it. Going to dip my toes into the 3D printing set. Should be here by next weekend so, just have to decide what to print first. https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B08LKQLZRR/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  6. There are some sites that have 3D files for cars that can be bought, or some have free files too. There are many, I've found a few sites, but I can't remember the one I like atm, if I find it I'll link it. But for now here's one https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/various/ford-super-duty Just google 3D print files with what you're looking for and you might find exactly what you're looking for.
  7. They have shut down orders till Apr 19th, there's a banner at the top of the page.....Mr Vincent is correct. Looks like orders are on hold till they release their next items. https://an-modeltrucks.com/
  8. I feel you, I've not touched my build in weeks. I did get my wheels/tire combo ordered, they were custom made and 3D printed so hopefully they'll ship soon. Lots of great progress guys. Looking forward to more updates. Hoping to get back to mine soon, maybe some paint this weekend.
  9. Fugu released some more update pics. Looks like the 3D tests are printed, and they're working on some fine tuning. Hopefully not too much longer for this.
  10. Yeah, yours came out amazing Tom. It's actually probably the best and most detailed snap kit I can think of. I really wish Revell had done a full on kit of this truck, but atleast this snap version was much better than the quick build version they did on the Gen2. The only real knock against this snap kit is that they did not include waterslide decals, the stickers are good for the kids, sure, but given the size of the sheet, they could have easily added another small sheet with proper waterslide decals. Sort of an update....I got all the parts cleaned and primed befo
  11. I've got another one of these in yesterday, and since I've been in a bit of a modeling funk for the past month or more I think I'll crack this open later today (chillin' at work right now) and go for a start to finish build (fingers crossed) without getting sidetracked. Not sure what colour I'm going with yet....I've got a ton of opened bottles, so likely I'll just pic something that's got enough paint left in it to do this up quick, instead of ordering anything new. Always open to any suggestions too. Hoping to have an actual update later on this afternoon.
  12. NP Dan. Glad to help out. Why not either put the second car on just steelies (so it looks like its on skinnier transport wheels) or jack it up on stands like its being worked on till you get another set of the minilites?
  13. Following.... I got one of these on my "to do list" which is far too long BTW you might want to try this link https://www.modelbuilderswh.com/collections/wheels-tires/products/minilite-15-wheels-tires-set-1-24th-scale Looking good so far Dan. The trailer looks amazing.
  14. Most of their TK's are around the $50-60 US range. I'm betting this one will be higher as their doing interior and exterior details as well as wheels/tires.....my guess is $80ish but that's a guess I've not seen them post anything on a price point yet.
  15. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/477556589938642/?ref=browse_tab&referral_code=marketplace_general
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