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  1. I will miss Snake very much. I enjoyed his posts for his advice, his wit, and his unique presence on the board. R.I.P. Good Sir!
  2. Oh man! Huge improvement! Please let me know when you get more of these…😃
  3. I know a guy who can print it for you if you do.
  4. Beautiful Pantera, Rex. Thanks for sharing it.
  5. Copper conductive paint can be applied to make non-conductive items such as plastics or resins conductive so they can be electroplated.
  6. Very nice GTO, Tim!
  7. Nice work! Keep at it and try new techniques with each new project.
  8. 2 quality builds! Nice work.
  9. The top is very realistic; hard to believe the difference from the '65 hardtop you started with. I would go with a smoother look, though.
  10. Really nice build and I'm impressed with your commitment to stay true to the stock 1:1!
  11. Really nice work on that top, Steve. Another masterpiece in the making.
  12. Super nice job on this kit.
  13. Very nice work, Paul. I’ll be following your progress.
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