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  1. I'm definitely not at the middle age yet, but there's plenty of room! Sounds like you also know what you're doing with plastic, so I'm looking forward to seeing some of your work! Welcome!
  2. Pretty awesome so far!! I'll be watching as well
  3. OMG your work is very clean. Steady hands for sure.
  4. I've just started a cannonball Camaro Z/28 so I may as well start it here too...it's a 69 camaro that I'll be modernizing with a new LS7 engine and a lot of one-off built stuff. It may take a long time to build but hell if I can pull off what's in my head for this, it'll surely be a gem.
  5. Welcome Chuck! 40 years is quite a bit of a break...have fun with it and start easy is my advice (if you needed one). Also congrats on your retirement.
  6. So here is my official entry...69 Camaro z28 (with a brand new LS7 engine and definitely some more goodies...I plan to accomplish the ultimate streetable speed machine with this build).
  7. Here's my new baby...picked her up 3 months ago and did some modifications immediately. My first brand new car purchase, 2017 Dodge Challenger R/T (6sp manual) in Destroyer gray. In the first 3 months, I lowered it on H&R Super Sport lowering springs, added an SRT front air dam (lip), added different wheels and beefier rear tires (hellcat size 275/40r20), and installed a Flowmaster Outlaw exhaust system. Many more modifications to come including a whipple supercharger and possibly even a fully forged bottom end. Hope you all like it.
  8. Awesome! I can't wait...dont get me wrong the R/T is fun the way it is, but I'm kind of disappointed I didn't put some more money down so I could've gone for a Scat Pack, so now I feel like it's justified to go the Whipple route. Thanks for the tip.
  9. Exactly Dennis. Now that I'm not in the service, I have more time...and since I live alone, I have more freedom to spend it any way I want, so instead of knocking out a slump buster, I'd rather focus on something cool and worthwhile (plus I still have a few awesome engines and parts and a bunch of unopened boxes
  10. Thanks Mark. Appreciate it...it's my first muscle car so I'm loving it. Gonna save up for a whipple supercharger to really wake up the beast inside.
  11. I'm entering this thing...this will be awesome as now that I'm back I want to do some quality builds. Not sure what my entry will be but I can guarantee you it'll be funky, it'll have an engine swap, and it'll be detailed. Entry pics will happen after I roam through my existing kits tonight.
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