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  1. Looks great! I also had one of these, but it was white. Car got me into a lot of trouble. Man was it quick. I miss it, one of the ones I should have held onto.The block on mine was Satin black. It was a 85 model.
  2. Thank you. I found quite a few things I could have done differently. But you have to keep building them to get better.
  3. All ready ordered! And thank you for the kind words. It really was a pain. Nothing fit right. Bumpers, chassis heck even the window didn't want to go in right. I will be steering clear of Revell from now on.
  4. Well here she is guys. This kit taught me so much about patience. Nothing fit correctly. But I stayed with it and while she is not perfect by any means, I am very happy. Only things I did were, full body smooth out, as a race car doesn't have marker lights and what not, and I left off the spoiler because 240Z should not have them. Also went with the yellow headlights as a tribute to the racing class and JDM. Please let me know what you guys think! Thanks.
  5. No doubt... This thing fought me the entire time...Word of advice. All of the line up tabs just cut them off, they don't allow the chassis to sit correctly. Learned this the hard way. Put the body on for a test fit and the wheels where way off in the fender well. The plastic is also very weak compared to the Tamiya kits. Fit is VERY sub par throughout the entire car. Hood dosn't fit. Front nose clip doesn't fit. chassis alignment is off. Muffler doesn't fit correctly. This kit taught me a lot about patience and learning to walk all when aggravation sets in. Here is a shot of the chass
  6. Yes sir it does! I still play it....
  7. Here is a little updated post. Got to do a little work on it today. The kit is OK, but the Tamiya Kit I built first was much better as far as fitment and just going together properly. You get what you pay for in Tamiya. Having said that, besides having to modify ever piece almost, I was able to get everything to fit. I have enjoyed building it so far. The interior is not as shiny as it shows in the pics... Currently I am letting the glue dry so I can finish running the wires on the engine. The decals were easy to apply, I was able to get all the gauges in.
  8. I have a quick question, I am new to building models, how did you rough the tire surface up like that? That is a really nice touch...
  9. Hudson Hornet is straight bad! Love it! Fantastic!
  10. Got a little bit done today while the little one was taking a nap and my wife was spending my money. I mean shopping.... I sanded the body completely smooth, ( Sanded off turn marker lights etc. ) and primed it. Now I am just doing some fit up work and getting ready for final sanding before paint.... Also was able to get the chassis assembled and painted black. I will go into detail now that the black has been laid. I can already see I am going to have to do a little modification to make this look and fit correctly. Tamiya > Revell and it's not even close. Still a good model though.
  11. I like it! Had one of these back int he day. Even had the Trick Flow air intake. Only thing I would change is breaking the ashtray door on it. Then it would be legit....Never saw one that wasn't broke...
  12. I have already noticed that the front suspension does not fit correctly. Not sure why they had alignment holes for nothing to fit into it....
  13. Tamiya makes well engineered everything. One thing that helped the most was my RC car knowledge. I have been building and racing RC's for 20 yrs...
  14. Starting my second model ever. The BRE Datsun 240Z. Picked this up on my recent trip to Fergus Canada. I travel some for work and decided it would be a great souvenir. Will keep you guys updated....
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