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  1. I built the Revell 57 Nomad in the late 70s and when I started to rebuild it the plastic got brittle so I ended up using it for parts,even the frame broke.
  2. I am suprised that kit did not come with a six.
  3. Probably did not notice the date,sometimes I start to respond to older postings.
  4. Its been 40 years since I last built that kit and it was not too bad,even though my skills have improved I do not think I would try a older Revell 57 kit and a newer version if they are the same.
  5. Pictures do not show up automatically but can click on them and will appear and I can not post anything,I do have a ancient computer with a outdated operating system and way past due for a new computer so I have to use my phone.
  6. Its finished and tried to make it look like it had a 55 T bird engine installed in 55 and its nosed and decked.
  7. Starting to look like a car.
  8. A couple years ago I used the optional Olds engine from the 40 Ford sedan kit in a coupe that I had since 1974,I did not throw everything out but alot got tossed.
  9. I always have three or four builds going on so I have something to do when glue and paint are drying.
  10. I wish I never threw any out and now will not,I most likely damaged them taking them apart for a rebuild and thought I could never fix them but would try now.
  11. A wagon version was my first Jap car engine change,took it out of a 4 door and put it in a wagon with no metric tools.
  12. I was talking to a few older modelers a couple years ago and mentioned I wanted to build the rear version of a model and got a funny look,one told me we only build models and not real cars and I almost said I think its about time you come out of the basement and quit playing with toys but walked away.
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