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  1. Gave up on Hot Wheels and started collecting Matchbox again.
  2. I have gotten most of the parts.
  3. Did not make it this year but its a very good customs only show,was hoping the Golden Sahara would have been there after it got restored.
  4. I picked up this kit and would like to build it more stock,I found I have the suspension and tires but will need a hood,front bumper and rear roof section. I do have all the pulling parts except for rims and tires I can trade if anyone wants to build a pulling truck
  5. Did some digging and I do have tires and a stock 4x4 suspension but need one rim and need to find the rear roof and a front bumper and hood.
  6. A friend dropped of a few boxes of kits to use for parts,none are complete and some have been started. Unfortunately most are what I have no desire to use so will fond homes for them,this is the only one I will build.
  7. I will see if I can find a built one for parts and go on the back burner for awhile.
  8. I picked this one up today and since the tires are missing I would like to make it more stock and possibly 2 wheel drive so did Revell make this in a stock version where I can rob parts from.
  9. This one is not about the quality but it was not like it was shown on the box,back in the early 80s I picked up a larger scale General Lee and once I opened the box I found ot was actially a race car where I was thinking it was more a stock Charger with the General Lee add ons but no. I did build it and if I can find it im the attic I might smash it tp pieces since I still am disappointed in it.
  10. I do all my builds how I would build it if I had the real thing and in different era's
  11. I do have a stock Danbury mint chassis with rims that I will have to look at,if I can not find some vintage Monogram parts they might get used. Will look into getting a 41 Lincoln parts car first.
  12. I wish that kit had other wheel option,its either the wires or the full flat covers. I want to build it as a late 40s hotrod if possible using vintage parts.
  13. I would like to put on steel rims on the mid 60s 34 Ford kit and was wondering if any Monogram kits from that era had any that would work.
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