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  1. Very interesting idea and nice realization ...
  2. Great build ... 😍 A new kit of the same car is now produced by Fernando Pinto Modelos.
  3. Thank you for sharing this excellent breathtaking work ... 😍
  4. Thank you Tiago for sharing the WIP of this beautiful " Rockingham Tan " Lincoln Continental. I'm currently building one that will be on the contrary to you whith Ivory body and Tan interior.
  5. On this model, the wheels have simply 4 times fewer spokes than needed and they are 4 times too thick.
  6. Good Job Gluebomber. I'm building one (dark green). In my opinion only a dark color can reduce visually the thickness of the panel lines witch otherwise is not realistic.
  7. Déjà admirées sur Caradisiac ... ?
  8. Nice model. I started one of these. The white piping on the seats is difficult to paint.
  9. Very beautiful work Pico. I saw your message on Caradisiac Forum. So, here I am to admire your work … ?
  10. I don't really "want" the white tyres, as it would be easier for me to keep the black ones. But I want to respect historical Truth. I made many researches about the color of tyres and I found that carbon was added to tyres first in 1910 in the US and only in 1915 in Europe. Perhaps I'm wrong and I will search again. However the ICM kit is a Taxi from 1909 (long wheelbase) and not 1910 (short wheelbase) as mentioned by ICM. GeeBee, you show two pictures of London Taxis (the next kit from ICM). Let me show some pictures of Paris Taxis whith obviously white Tyres :
  11. Hello, The 1910 Renault Paris Taxi is a very Pleasant kit. I've already started to built it. Soon in November, the London Taxi version will be available from ICM. However, it's a pity to have black tyres, as everybody knows the car tyres were white in those days before WWI. So my question : Does anybody have the Renault Taxi kit and also an ICM 1/24 Ford T kit whith white tyres. Are the Ford T white tyres suitable to fit on the Renault Taxi kit ? I already know the T speedster is not suitable for this because it has two different dimensions of tyres on f
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