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  1. Wow. How tragic. Yet, his legend lives on here. I have a hunch he and I walked common ground in the NorCal Humboldt County country. I was partially raised down there before returning to Washington state. Many, many times I watched logging trucks come down the grade next to our house trailing water from the brakes near the Humboldt/Mendocino County line along 101.
  2. Thank you. It's looking as if I'll be starting with what kits I have and modifying them to suit. 'Kinda, "winging it," as it were. I am able to make up parts to some extent, so we'll see where it goes. I suspect there are parts sources out there that I am yet unaware of - perhaps they'll show up as I pop in and out of these forums. I do like the AITM's products so far and I am a big fan of the early Sterlings. When young I lived adjacent to Highway 101 at the top of a long grade. At might I would listen to the occasional trucks pulling up that hill. I could always tell the sound of a c
  3. Looks as if I answered my own question: as I searched muleskinner's name it looks as if he is no longer with us. I realize I am really late in finding these forums and the timbershop site. I wonder if there are any other, currently operating, logging truck/equipment modeling forums out there?????????????? Thank you all for the help I've received here, Dennis
  4. Well, I guess I don't hit, 'return," when I'm still typing. QUESTION: Is there a way to directly contact Muleskinner????? I'm thinking he and I have some ground many years ago, primarily in the region he apparently lives in and worked in. Key word: Rogan Coombs. Dennis Thompson, once residing along 101; Humboldt/Mendocino County line area.................
  5. Whew!!! I just finished going through everything I could find on the timbershop site. Great stuff. I DID find a Muleskinner article on correcting the undersized reach of the AMT log trailer. Is that what all of you were referring to? It is good and I saved all of it I could. Too bad many of the photos scattered through those postings are now gone.
  6. Thank you JimB. That timbershop is a terrific resource. I'd >never< heard of it. I tried registering but no luck; must be part of it's being, "defunct." However, in spite of seeing Muleskinner posts, still cannot find his tutorial on the log trailer. Going back now to continue looking.....
  7. That says it. I've read several references to, "muleskinner's," tutorial about improving AMT's 1:25 log trailer. Just spent most of an hour on, "search," here but cannot find it. Anyone know how to pull it up? Thanks, Dennis
  8. Found the AMT AutoCar A64B tractor kit to go with my $80 American Industrial Model Truck's Sterling conversion. So logic tells me to build the AMT frame and running gear and drop the Sterling cab on, right? Before I head that way, does anyone have any tips or trouble spots to avoid? I intend to build this up as a logging truck and I also have the AMT log trailer kit. I recently built the AMT, "Construction Bulldozer," kit also in 1:25, using all the you tube videos I could find. There were several pit falls in the building process, but it came out OK. Still weathering it. Interestingl
  9. Thanks. Largely shelf display or part of logging diorama. "SNAP," kit means nothing to me. Guess I better do a search on that one.
  10. Thanks. Big help. I ordered the Sterling cab kit from AITM. Now to figure what/where to find a chassis for it go on. Side comment on G scale model railroading: Our guys run a lot of 1:20.3, but also 1:22 and 1:29. Different manufacturers have been making things to different versions of scale. I can make 1:25 work. Now to save more money!
  11. Not much luck doing search. What I'd really like is a 1950's era log truck in 1:20 scale to use with that scale model logging railroad. Don't think I'll find that. On a gamble today, I picked up the AMT 1103 Peerless logging trailer in 1:25, new, $29. Could be OK in that scale, but am having trouble finding a suitable 1950's vintage truck to hook it up to that would match scale. Any tips/thoughts would be appreciated. Not much out there in older conventionals that I can find. Thanks, Dennis
  12. New here. Second post. Trying to learn reliable sources for older style big rig kits and parts. Is, "Full Circle Hobbies," OK? Would like most to find 1:24'ish kit for 1950's Sterling, Autocar or other same vintage tractors to build Logging Trucks. So far, I see zero kits for those brand names. Mostly Pete's, KW's, etc. And later model years. AMT's Roadrunner log trailer seems to be the only starting point for a decent, correct log trailer. Thoughts, links, tips appreciated. Dennis who grew up in logging country.................
  13. Thank you. This is a step in the right direction. I know nothing of truck parts suppliers, so I looked up AITM. Pretty interesting. I'll keep looking for more sources and tips. I think it can work. I also noticed some really attractive logging truck ideas for more modern trucks. Dennis
  14. My first post and hope I wrote topic clear enough. I have a Monogram 1:24 Mack Bull Dog kit. I'd like to modify it into a tandem rear axle truck which has had it's wheels and tires changed out to balloon tires and different wheels. I watched a couple of these, "up-dated," Bull Dogs drive by our place when I was a young boy. In fact, a chain drive truck was not unusual then, grinding it's way up the long grade on it's way by our house. I remember listening to the chains....very distinctive sound to a young boy lying in bed in the middle of the night listening to trucks going by. I could al
  15. Hi All: Just got here. Thanks for accepting me. Grew up with all kinds of models....long ago.... Liked trucks most. Drifted into model railroading, but railroads always need trucks. Have just ordered 2 AMT 1:24th Bull Dog Macks. I want to make one into a tandem rear with later balloon tires and, "newer," wheels. I've seen such in real life. But I need to post a question about where to buy spare rear dual wheels and tires, (prefer not chrome). Happy New Year, Dennis
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