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  1. Fireball just might have to come up with a nice upgrade for this kit.
  2. I agree, there would be a market for the GMC and many other ignored subjects ( see my " Resin Wishlist" thread for an idea ) now that there are plenty affordable AMT re issues available for donor chassis. I wouldn't make this claim a few years back when original AMT kits were very pricey. I have bought many nice resin pieces from AITM, Motor City, Modelhaus ( no longer ) , etc. and plan on purchasing a couple of Repstock's mid 70's Dodge D 700 when they become available too!
  3. Not sure of what GVW package the L 700 kit represents, but, the heavy duty 27.5K version with the 413 and 11k front and 18.5K rear axles with full air is rated for 50K combined weight. I think your good to go!
  4. Looks Great! The paint scheme really brings out the lines and curves of this classic cabover! The red Detroit looks like it just left IH assembly line.
  5. Great build of a great kit! IMO, the factory IH paint schemes are a must for these old Ertl kits, and this one proves it can't get any better than this, the ultimate look!
  6. Great build! The color combo and pattern is very striking! Never had this kit, makes me want to reconsider!
  7. X2! First thing that came to mind was those old Peterbilt "Class" ads.
  8. Very nice! Classic East Coast color combo looks great!
  9. Thanks Brian. I'm beginning to see the resemblance to the real thing too!
  10. Thanks for the positive comments! A few more details added to cab and engine. Interior is next up.
  11. IMO, they did not. The hubcap looks accurate, same general design, but it is too small in diameter. Moebius put a downsized f250 hubcap on a 15 wheel in their earlier F 100 kits. The '68 should have 16" or 16.5 wheels 8 lug wheels and a larger diameter hubcaps to fit a larger rim. If not, they blew it again.
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