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  1. get u some Ca glue (super glue) and a kicker for instant set of the glue. i use thick and medium but do keep thin on hand. also get u some de-bounder and extra glue tips..u can find this all on ebay. i been getting it their for years... i also use a liquid glue (orange bottle is the best) made by plastruct. it can also be found on ebay or Amazon .i been using these glues for many years. they is nothing no better. and it does not have to be a name brand of GA glue to work better than others brands..
  2. i got this spray booth off ebay 3-4 years ago for $70 (they like $83 with free shipping now) i am very happy with it . it vents out my window. some of yall say dont buy its gonna blow up cause the motor is not sealed. well im still alive and as u can see in the first picture its inside and vented outside. i love it . just keep the filter clean and once in a while u will have to replace it..good part about this booth if its not wide enough for u buy two and they will snap together. another good thing they fold up and u can carry them on that road trip with u..
  3. i re-red your post. you are not trying to de-crome all the chrome just where the glue joins. scrape away unless u have a dremel tool .
  4. Have u tried EZ OFF Oven Cleaner name brand yellow can.. bleach works and total awesome u get from the dollar store. my self i like the oven cleaner..if it has not been clear coat over with a acrylic then it will work..if its been cover with a coat of acrylic oven cleaner or this super clean they brag about will not take it off.. these are for enamel paint only. now the bleach may cut thru the acrylic i never tested it as i spray enamels..only thing that i know for sure that would remove the acrylic is brake fluid. u own your own their
  5. yes he has the real one setting rusting away..its 1/25 ..great..ill be watching for it ..are you on face book ? here is a picture of the real one .
  6. i knew some one on here would have something negative to say about the cab..i guess u never did any resin .90% of good quality resin cabs still need a little sanding- touch up .
  7. that black will look great, will be watching for it. thats a great feeling to build a replica of someones truck . i built this one of my brothers old gin pole truck.
  8. you very welcome...use the 4300 for a donor kit.. also u may ck with Dave at Models by Dave he may have a visor of that style .. Models by Dave
  9. yes u in luck..conversion by Mark Salvage and sold by Dave at A.I.T.M. ..it may not be on his web site yet , just call Dave and ask for it ...American Industrial Truck Models – Resin Model Truck Conversion Kits and Parts for 1:25th Scale
  10. EZ Off oven cleaner ..name brand yellow can...spray on in a well vented area (put in a zip lock bag) let set 8 hrs, under warm water scrub off with old tooth brush , dry re-pete if needed. once all paint is removed (should not take over 24-30 hrs) wash with dish liquid rinse well dry prime & paint...i been using this for over 40 years...this only works on enamel paint.. if its acrylic paint then use the 91% alcohol ..brake fluid never used it never will.. super clean takes to long and never impressed me..EZ Off will also remove most chrome in less than 5 minuets
  11. if u got paypal or a debit card call your order in..they is a phone # on the site . thats how i do it . if u send a MO then u will wait till it clears his bank . check ?
  12. hes not on here or facebook.. send me the list
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