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  1. So if don't baseband belittle this kit or the people involved, I'm 40% off normal? That's an incredibly rude to imply.
  2. Did I hear right, masking templates in the Ford GT kit?
  3. Anyone have contact info for Model King, Butch Leal kit arrived today, no decals! Every else looks good, pics later today.
  4. I'll throw a guess into the hat......2018 Corvette....Build and Play version and a full kit, 65th anniversary edition....maybe.
  5. Looks like oneof those "Build and Play" kits, probably no headlights.
  6. Polar did do one with Shaggy and Scooby figures, This one says 1/20th scale, dont recall a scale on the Polar Lights kit
  7. Curious about the 18+ designation on the NASCAR kits, I'm assuming it might be sponsor related, although I'm pretty sure you don't have to be 18 to go to Jimmy Johns or the dentist.
  8. Maybe this what Donald Trump has been meeting with the Chinese president about..........
  9. Just read on another web site that the tooling for this kit has been damaged in China, Revell is repairing but a few months until we see anymore of these. Can anyone confirm this ? Is it a known fact I missed or internet trolling to stir the soup so to speak?
  10. Saw this on the Round 2 website.
  11. The side of the box says: This Mod '29 Model A is Komplete with a "Kart Load" of KoolKustomizing Komponents. I guess their way of saying there is some Ala Kart stuff in the box. Unfortunately I don't know enough about the Ala Kart too tell you whats and whats not.
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