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  1. The results of the dscV17 Virtual Model Car Championship have been announced! There were many outstanding entries, making the jobs of the judges challenging, but they dug in and worked through it all to reach carefully evaluated decisions. Go to www.dscv17.com to see all the winning entries! Many thanks to all who participated. Congratulations to the excellent modelers whose efforts garnered well-deserved wins! Thanks also to the Cactus Car Modelers Club, the underpinning of the DESERT SCALE CLASSIC. Special thanks to the team who made it work; Hal Sanguinetti, Ti
  2. Big project done. Phew!! [You’ll see.] it went pretty well and turned out great and best of all, it turned out RIGHT.
  3. Both those bikes are phenomenal!! Still speechless [me; can you believe it?] Okay, one thing: I can't wait to see those bikes on the table at DSC-18 next April!!! I'm privileged to be able to count all three of you guys (Curt and John and Steve) as friends!
  4. I have it on DVR - to watch today. Wasn't in the mood last night. I met the Beach Boys when they embarked on their FIRST tour outside California . . . 1963. My dad worked for Capitol Records; we "hosted" them at a Wichita performance. Dennis, Carl, Mike, Al and David Marks. At the time, Carl was only 3+ years older than me; we connected. David was only 1-1/2 years older but he didn't have room in his world for anyone else but himself. At the time, he seemed incongruous with the rest of them -- they were great, down-to-earth guys. Mike was a little preoccupied with being 10-15 years olde
  5. Sadly, their tours have been a roller coaster for several years. After losing Dennis to his demons and Carl to cancer, and then the infamous Brian and Mike feuds over the years, they went downhill when Mike took control. Bruce Johnston has been the mainstay, and they found a couple of young guys to supplement the three remaining "originals" (Al, Mike, and Bruce - a semi-original . . . he joined the band when Glen Campbell quit to pursue his solo career). David Marks rejoined the group years ago - he was also an "original" although he was replaced by Al in the band's first year or two. Th
  6. Channel 105. Hopefully it will stick around awhile. It's awesome! Last time Sirius did a BB Channel they only rotated about a dozen songs . . . over and over . . . This time, it's a much, much better mix and far more comprehensive! They've even played a couple of the collaborations of the Beach Boys and the Boston Philharmonic! Plus a lot of less commercial stuff. Definitely not just Top 40 Juke Box music. Gotta go . . . Surf's Up!!!!
  7. The Beach Boys channel is back at Sirius XM!!!! Rah, rah, rah!! It's about time! Good Vibrations all the time.
  8. Judging is happening. We had planned/hoped to be finished by 07/01/2021, but it has been pushed back to 05/15/2021 due to a few unforeseen situations. For now, enjoy perusing the Entries, root for your favorites, and stand by! Thanks,
  9. He didn't say he had done any of them well, did he?
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