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  1. I've always wondered, and been a bit frightened by, the braille on drive-up ATMs. But, many, many years ago my mother worked for the state in its Aid to the Blind Agency. One of her duties was to help clients get driver's licenses. Now THAT made me nervous!!! 🌵😎
  2. That Hoondye runs on mulch?? 🌵😎
  3. Not only that, Tom, but by painting the car for TV filming in red, it reduced the number of times citizens interrupted the TV filming in an effort to report crimes to the actors portraying cops, including Toody and Muldoon! Reportedly, the city insisted on the radically different color for just that reason, and, as you say . . . in black and white, it was not discernable from a real NYPD RMP unit. 🌵😎
  4. Bingo! Good job, Mike. Very good job. Stretching sprue is another way to get a scale-dimension mast, but way more fiddly work than I'm up for, so the guitar string does the trick for me. 🌵😎
  5. Sorry to hear of Mike's passing. He was one of the hobby's greats, a name and builder known for decades. Friend of the hobby and good friend of many. RIP, Mike. 🌵😎
  6. Just a hair under three (3) weeks left until Registration closes. Don't miss out . . . ALSO - - - TruColor Paints just signed on as a sponsor!!! Check out our website for Event information, to view the Entries to date, and to link over to see all of TruColor's automotive hobby paints. 🌵😎
  7. Oooo, la, la! There's got to be a story behind this. Is it a one-off for the museum, or are they doing a "throwback" like NASCAR? Inquiring minds want to know - - - any Gnu Yawk insiders know anything about this? 🌵😎
  8. Thank you, Tom! That's high praise, indeed, from the King of the NNLs. We just were NOT going to surrender the whole year to a little bug! Nor this year! 🌵😷
  9. With all due respect, Dan (Clark), that solution doesn't replicate the real thing. You'll notice the guitar string coil is a straight coil while the actual antenna has a diamond-like shape. That's why I utilize the plastic part from kits for the coil . . . more realistic. I'll photo up a couple of examples later. Here's one image of the real deal to illustrate what I mean. 🌵😎
  10. Dittos! We were hoping to return to a live, in-person event this year (April, 2021), but venues were unwilling to host anything. So, we're repeating our On-Line "Virtual Venue" event. It was very successful last year (see Model Cars Magazine Issue# 208) and we're hoping to resume the live event next April (2022). But for now . . . Tom's right. Logistics for a large event are immense - far more than you might imagine. So please support your local sheriff . . . er, I mean, model car event! PS: Only 20 days left until close of registration for dscV17 The DESERT SCALE CLASSIC
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