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  1. No sir, nail polish is not acrylic, it is lacquer. Thin it with lacquer thinner to the consistency of 2% milk. Your base will heavily affect the final color as nail polish is translucent. It will take a number of coats to get your desired depth of color. This 37 Ford was painted in a flip flop nail polish with gray primer. Duplicolor primer should work fine.
  2. You should always apply some water to the model surface then once in position use a qtip or paper towel to remove excess water from beneath and on top of the decals then apply your setting solution of choice.
  3. Paul Alflen is good in my book. Kit arrived a day earlier than expected and with a extra body.
  4. I've found a few websites with good underbody pictures.
  5. Some great underbody pics. https://www.beverlyhillscarclub.com/1963-jaguar-xke-fixed-head-coupe-3.8-c-2984.htm
  6. What car modelers do you have? I'm missing a few early issues.
  7. Well done. Hope mine is as nice.
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