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  1. I'm shocked the body held up as well as it did considering the number of times it rolled and the violence in which it did so...really speaks for the construction of the structure of that thing! I'm glad nobody was hurt, but I have no idea why they wouldn't have been running that thing at a drag strip...seems like a wheel-standing car shouldn't be doing its thing where it can easily run out of room.
  2. From what I can see of it, that grey is gonna look really nice. I think a shade of blue for the interior would be unique and look good.
  3. There are sooooo many phrases that are overused, annoying, or don't even make sense, but at the end of the day, I try to just ignore it
  4. Got a new Optic for my .308 Light Chassis. It's a Vortex Viper PST 6-24x50 with a MRAD reticle.
  5. Man...20 years ago was the 90's...crazy. Anyway - "Google it" (and "Bing it" etc) "fam" (apparently it's an abbreviation for family, but not literally...it's supposed to mean "friend, pal, etc") "Lit" (means either drunk or high or maybe it just means inebriated...something like that) All the "politically correct" terms for Welfare and Food Stamps "The 1%"
  6. Well, that is stupid. If you aren't open to criticism, at least a LITTLE bit of criticism, then you should probably avoid the internet. I would imagine that on a forum with rules like that, that builds that have more to criticize than complement go largely uncommented on...any truth to that, or is it just a bunch of "good jobs?"
  7. Looks good, I wouldn't mind seeing a more direct picture of the front end...that grille looks like a nice piece.
  8. That brings up another good point. Sometimes I think people assume the builder was offended if criticism is ignored or disregarded, which isn't necessarily the case. For instance, I build ONLY for fun, not for shows, competitions, etc., and I have a lot of other hobbies, so I'm only willing to invest so much time building a single model. Now, while I do want it to come out as good as possible and welcome criticism that will help me do so, I don't care about every piece of criticism. For instance, if I post a kit and somebody says, "Revell got the body slightly wrong on that one, you can do thi
  9. There are a TON of very well built models posted on this forum, but I would say there are few that are 100% flawless, even though people may have cleverly photo'd it to hide the flaws (as they say, there's always room for improvement). From what I've seen, pretty much everybody here is open to criticism, no matter their skill level. However, I don't see anything wrong with saying, "that's a nice build, I like it," or something similar and not saying anything else. You're not saying it's perfect...you're saying you like it. Now, is that helpful to the person who posted the topic? Probably not,
  10. That sucks man, sorry to hear it. But, if they were the type of place to get rid of someone for being "too slow" without approaching you first and letting you know they expect you to be "faster," it probably wouldn't have been a very good company to work for anyway. I'm sure you'll find something better.
  11. Nice looking build, and very interesting looking car. I'm not really a Lambo (or supercar) guy, so i didn't realize this car existed...I wonder how the rear visibility is!
  12. I like it, very nice detail work on the underside of the chassis. I agree, a wash will do wonders for the grille.
  13. The kit comes with a pretty nice set of decals for the wood panels.
  14. We're hovering around 100 here in Kansas, but it's been pretty humid (like, 47%). Yard work has certainly become less exciting.
  15. Hobbylinc keeps the stuff in stock, but they only pull orders from their warehouse on certain days to keep Overhead down (fewer staff = cheaper stuff for their customers). It used to bother me a bit because the order would just be pending for days, but I just don't order from them unless I can wait a few weeks. It's way better now than it used to be...they used to only offer shipping through Fed-Ex Smart Post, which is the slowest and worst shipping on the planet...now you can choose the shipping method, so things arrive much quicker. I usually get my items within 7-10 days, which really isn't
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