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  1. OK ladies and germs, I am not one to consider myself as an artist per-se, but, I do enjoy drawing especially drawing cars... Double-Especially cars and their owners in the (in)famous tradition of Ed "Big Daddy" Roth. That said, email me a picture of yourself and your favorite automotive creation and I shall do a black and white ink rendition for your pleasure. As proof of my technical capabilities I leave you with a picture I did of the one and only Man In Black. So please humor me and send me a few pics with a brief description of yourself and your hobbies so I can embellish your picture
  2. You forgot one... Always sacrifice one of the most tiniest, most important parts of the most expensive kit to the "carpet monster"... You're not a true modeler if you haven't sacrificed to the carpet monster.
  3. If you ever need any help with WWII German stuff, feel free to hit me up for info or advice. I've won a few contests and have had my work featured in a few Euro magazines. Regardless, great start, just watch that flora and vegetation, it's really easy to get wrong. Try using some dried tea leaves and some gauze soaked in a 50/50 solution of white glue/water. Those nests tended to have some form of netting on all the time. Oh and I have a few 'Soldaten' that would be perfect for your dio.they are free to you, just PM? me. Great work so far.
  4. The B&N in my area sells MCM, but is REALLY late in putting new issues on the racks. I picked up their "newest" issue which was your November 2015 issue (#198). This also led me to subscribing, but this stinks as I want to send my son issues for his stay in Afghanistan. Thanks for your concern with this matter as it shows the quality and care for this periodical. By the way, I miss living in Kauai...Mahalo nui loa!
  5. I know this is going to be me being stingy-mingy... But LHD for 32-34 Fords, 55-57 Chevy and '60s-'70s muscle cars.
  6. I've been through a divorce, having cancer and having the ring and middle finger of my right hand broken (the cast was removed last week) and this site and the wonderful folks here have made a huge bright spot in my life. My son and a pal from my old workplace sent me to this site (after much cajoling and beers) and now I am addicted. Today my son called me from Germany (he's on his way to Afghanistan) and asked me if I managed to downsize my stash of kits... Only to find out while I did manage to get rid of a bunch of kits, I've managed to trade for a bunch of kits with parts missing and glue
  7. Wow a 1/16 drag cars sounds like fun and you can use lots of stuff from the hardware store for engine detailing! Welcome aboard and hopefully you'll share some of your handiwork.
  8. That chassis and engine pic is pure porn. Can't wait to get the ball rolling on my salt flat cars and my secret build (to be announced once I have a camera). But seriously that motor is bangin'
  9. Hello and salutations, whoever put this site together needs to be congratulated. Since I've been here I've made new pals, learned some awesome history on salt flat cars and got to share my knowledge (albeit, limited) with a new fellow plastic iron nerd. I have been building off and on since 78 and still love AMT kits the most... sorry Studio27 (laughs abound). I'm the type of idiot who buys kits just because I have money and the price is right (which explains my stash of modern Euro cars). My all time favorite three cars are the 32 deuce coupe, 57 Chevy Bel-Air and last but not least the Kube
  10. Dennis welcome aboard (yeah-yeah-yeah, I know I'm a new guy too). I'm glad we met and had a good time shooting the BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH with you last night. Hopefully we can meet up in person the end of the month and go looking for kits at the flea market. Also thanks for the trade, hope to see your build sooner than later. Just hit me up when you want to do the Bonneville Build.
  11. MoonshineAndChrome is an excellent trader. He FedEx'ed his end of the bargain overnight (the expensive as hell one) trade with confidence!!
  12. I can make you a custom shift knob if you want, what's the theme of the rod?
  13. I actually know this vehicle (used to WWII Reenact a few years ago) as far as wartime bugs please feel free to ask. And to my Magyar friend, a lot of German WWII vehicles used Hungarian nicknames and phrases. Anyhow sorry folks for being a know-it-all.
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