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  1. It's mega rare. It was based on a Fujimi enthusiast series Porsche. But this was a one time issue only deal and all the Gambella parts were exclusive to Revell. I have one that I found recently after 20 years of looking for one!! No joke.
  2. Looking for help guys. Need some info and reference material on the Renault AE520 Mack V8 engine and chassis as want to detail my Revell Renault AE Magnum truck kit. Thanks.
  3. WOW! great work. I love it... very nice indead.
  4. Yeah right! To be honest it only just made it onto this car. As I nearly forgot it was on the sprue!
  5. Nice!!! That is one sweet ride.
  6. Nice!! Love it. Very clean build too.
  7. Nice! I love it, built just the way they did back in the day!, Thats how I like building them too. Great job.
  8. Well, hears my latest build finished. I only used what was in the box. Hope you guys like it.
  9. Thanks Floyd, Thanks Tonio Yep....just your bog standerd Tamiya basic filler my friend.
  10. Thanks for the kind comments guys! Hope it easier too read now, sorry about that Hey yeah your right Jeff, it does a bit. Could be the same colour, you never know
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