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  1. I have a Japanese diecast in 1:60 scale from the '80s or so. Not the most detailed, but I always liked these COEs.
  2. Also, one of my go-to reference sites had been Fantasy Junction brokers. https://www.fantasyjunction.com/sold/1965-jaguar-xke-series-i-coupe/photos Hit the OVERVIEW button for the car's story. Note it appears it have been restored. For more cars hit the NEXT CAR button at the bottom.
  3. I love the Beverly Hills Car Club site. Lots of good photos of sorry-looking cars. The descriptions are very upbeat but somehow fail to mention how rusted or burned to a crisp the car may actually be. Also, in case you're wondering, they are not a club, but a dealer that's not even located in Beverly Hills. Every once in a while I trawl through their site for reference pictures. Last time I checked there appeared to be quite a stock of E-Types in their inventory. Here are some of the pics I've saved. This is a '62 Series I Flat Floor Roadster. Note the patina...
  4. Here's a museum I'd like to visit, but it's a bit out of the way for me. https://internationaltowingmuseum.org/
  5. Those Burtone concepts are actually kind of cool. I saw the white one just this past Sunday at a car event at the Larz Anderson museum in Brookline, MA. It's one of the temporary exhibits this season. You can only see it from the front + 3/4 angle, but it has some interesting things going on.
  6. The amazing craftsmanship of Danny Downs... https://www.worldsweeper.com/History/DannyDowns.html https://www.worldsweeper.com/History/DannyDowns3.14.html http://justacarguy.blogspot.com/2020/10/in-2013-danny-downs-of-topeka-kansas.html
  7. Interesting...just yesterday I saw a very similar modification to a more modern motorhome posted for sale on Facebook.
  8. I'm wondering if the one in my B&W photos has Bondo slathered on the front fender. Big chunks chipped off. :-)
  9. Sometimes I think internal combustion engines are overrated. :-) I've come to appreciate that in daily life, most car sounds are noise pollution. I do love the sounds of vintage-built machinery at car shows and similar events, but for me there's a point when noise can be just noise.
  10. Yeah, the display was a sight to behold. Sad to lose another bit of classic roadside Americana.
  11. Are the kits out in general release in the US yet? My local hobby shop didn't have them as of a couple of weeks ago.
  12. Someone on the Spotlight board combined the two kits and found dimensional differences. The Futura is noticeably smaller.
  13. If you're going to decommission a police car, perhaps you can turn it into a taxi. :-)
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