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  1. I'm glad my old clippings have finally come in handy. :-)
  2. I think the old opening-door Revell kits are fine for kitbashing, but the two-piece tires weren't the greatest. I recently got the Revell snap '57 Chevy, solely for the nice custom "kidney bean" wheels. The tires aren't too bad as they are, but for a particular project I wish they were a little taller (no fault of the kit). The old AMT kit is fine for what it is, a reissue of an old kit with neat custom parts. I think people are expecting every kit sold today to be produced to a modern standard, and when they don't meet these builders' expectations they have to run to the messa
  3. (Tamiya also did a Dodge Charger slot car in the '60s)
  4. Liberty Classics did a diecast model Jeep pickup. Also, I happen to have some old clippings relating to Carhenge.
  5. Some model car styrene plastic recipes might include some clear pellets along with the colored ones. Clear is more brittle than other colors. On the other hand, I have some vac-formed brick sheets I bought 20 or so years ago that were formulated for UV resistance. I found it rather rubbery and hard to cut in a straight line.
  6. As I was posting, I was wondering if it was supposed to be more of a mobile home than a travel trailer. It's a pity I didn't save the text of the auction to go along with the pictures for context. Here's a fun historical look at the evolution of the mobile home. Also note they point out the Pierce Arrow's Touring Landau trailer of 1910, with a gooseneck hitch. https://mobilehomeliving.org/the-history-of-mobile-homes/
  7. BTW, the Glenn H. Curtiss Museum in Hammondsport, NY has an Aerocar on display. I got some reference pictures, including what I could of the interior. The museum itself is highly recommended.
  8. This is a fun thread. I don't have one of my own to share at the moment, but I was reminded of an eBay listing from several years ago of a '40s salesman's sample model. IIRC it was 1:24 scale or thereabouts.
  9. The puppet Rodeo was a gimmick for promoting Levi Jeans. Initially installed for the Golden Gate International Exposition in 1939 it was later mounted in the van for a road tour. Wooden puppets moved in sync with the recorded soundtrack. Of course, they were wearing miniature Levi Jeans. The puppets were lost over time, but a couple of pairs of the little jeans apparently survived. https://www.levistrauss.com/2014/10/09/throwback-thursday-meet-me-at-the-fair/ (Image via Pinterest)
  10. Update! I have changed direction a bit. Wheels are from Revell's snap '57 Chevy. I'm not sold on the tires that come with it. I'd rather have some taller bias-ply type tires, but I have nothing that will work. I haven't decided on the final color for the wheels, but I'm aiming for a typical Halibrand finish. Rear bumper got swapped from the custom piece to the stock one, dechromed. I think it flows better.
  11. Those Fireball 500 kits are fun for kitbashing.
  12. 1965 Ford F100 https://classiccars.com/listings/view/1135472/1965-ford-f100-for-sale-in-brainerd-minnesota-56401 1970 Ford F100 http://topclassiccarsforsale.com/ford/601995-1970-ford-f100-rare-sears-roebuck-short-bed-utility-truck.html
  13. Here's another view of a similar Corvette. The problem is that the floor boards appear to be slightly translucent. I'd try applying colors over a solid undercoat using transparent layers. Perhaps the additional layers could be applied with the dry-brush method. https://www.stlouiscarmuseum.com/vehicles/749/1966-chevrolet-corvette-stingray Note that some other Corvettes in this dealer's inventory have their underbody painted black. That would be an easy way out for a model. https://www.stlouiscarmuseum.com/vehicles/sold?utf8=✓&ftx=corvette
  14. I'd love to see F-350s derived from this series, but it's probably not going to happen. FWIW, I have seen pictures 1:1 trucks of these generations with utility beds, even short wheelbase, apparently. One listing claims that a particular '65 F100 was ordered as a chassis-cab, with a 3/4-ton axle and rear suspension. A Powers utility body was installed at the dealer. I think modelers will be happy to see a nice utility body they can put on any chassis.
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