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  1. I'm going to be building this one soon, do you have any tips for this specific kit? Looks amazing!
  2. Loving this color combo and the kit as a whole. It was a little too expensive for my liking so I'll be living vicariously through your build.
  3. Really great job, may I ask how you did the silver trim?
  4. You all make it look so easy. Currently working on the engine but decided to assemble the wheels. The tires were already separated in the kit so no need to remove excess rubber.
  5. My very first kit arrived today! I wasn't able to find this particular kit in stores near me so I purchased through eBay. While I waited, I researched 1:1 scale examples and tips/tricks from the web. Everyone on this forum has some outstanding projects and I hope to make it look half as good as some of yours! If you know of any good beginner resources please let me know! - Mike
  6. Amazing paint job. Very few cars (in my opinion) look good in purple, and the Skyline is one of them.
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