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  1. Sweet truck, I love to see a Willys without a blower sticking out of the hood. Great job!
  2. I see you're having a few issues but I still think it looks great. Keep up the great work, I can't wait to see it finished.
  3. Nice clean build, it looks great.
  4. In the mid 70s my father got an old 1933 Ford school bus from a farmer who use to haul hay on. The engine was shot so he put in a 51 Mercury flathead V8, shortened the frame & made a Doodlebug out of it. He put a Datsun pickup box on it sideways with the tailgate on the drivers side. When I was about 11 or 12 I used it to haul firewood from the woods. The tree tops cut up in the box & 3 trees chained on the rear, it was a beast. He still has it today but no more firewood just junk hauled around with the wrecker boom that replaced the Datsun box. When I was 16 I drove my fathers 66 Ford
  5. I think I might try to keep that one. I figured out that the crazy gooseneck trailer was made to fit on it.
  6. Hey Snake, ya there are alot of those drag cars in there that will probably end up as parts. The 60 f100 is really nice, 40 Ford Pickup and the light blue 34. I think the strange car hauler too but I'm not sure yet.
  7. I got another box of old goodies. Some crazy builds & I think I know why, it fell out of the boat.🥴
  8. Wow, great progress. I'm having a hard time getting my frame straight too, that's why mine kind of stalled. I really like your color choice & the red heads and intake look great.
  9. Everyone tells me I'm nuts but I LOVE these cars, 1961 Chrysler 300.
  10. It was yesterday but I'll complain today. I spend they last few weekends at my fathers helping him put power steering in his 51 Chevy truck. It fought us every step of the way. Put in a new column, power steering pump, relocated the box, new joints, hoses, belt and more stuff, got it together, took it for a ride and it wanders all over the road as bad as it did before. When I jacked it up to start looking at what was going on, I grabbed the drivers side wheel and noticed it moved. I thought it was the wheel bearing but NOOO, it's the king pins. So now it's all back apart waiting for new parts
  11. I just rebuilt this truck that I first built over 20 years ago. It looks worse but that makes it look better.
  12. This turned out great! I hope the one I have turns out 1/2 as good as this.
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